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Tucson (KVOA) — Tucson High School does not have a football coach on Monday night.

News 4 Tucson learned that Richard Sanchez resigned late last week after only one season on the sidelines.

On Monday night, high school managers held a meeting for their parents.

“I think the district really dropped the ball,” said parent Christopher Mesa.

Mesa’s son wanted to start the freshman season with the Tucson High football team next month.

In breaking news that Richard Sanchez has decided to resign as head coach, the dad plans to send his son to play the ball elsewhere.

“My son was playing sports and coming here was mostly optimistic. Now that he knows Richard isn’t here, it’s a kind of murder,” Mesa said. rice field.

Another parent said, “I don’t want to see these kids have no seasons because of something we can’t fix.” “For many of us parents here, it’s a kind of hectic situation.”

The district shared this statement with News 4 Tucson:

“Sanchez Coach resigned from his position as Head Coach of Tucson High Magnet School on July 21st. Tucson High’s Athletic Director has been notified of Sanchez Coach’s resignation for private reasons.”

There was talk of Sanchez’s resignation after being told he couldn’t start practicing in the field in the summer heat of 3 pm.

As of Monday night, News 4 Tucson cannot confirm its claim.

Prior to coming to Tucson High School, Sanchez won the title of a state in town at Sunnyside High School and then coached at Santa Rita High School.

“I went to Sunnyside from 2001 to 2005,” Mesa said. “When I was a high school student, Richard Sanchez was a coach there. My brother was in two state championships in Richard Sanchez. He is a very good coach. He has a good reputation. He’s a man. He’s for kids. “

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