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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — Tucson nonprofit Higher Grounds is expanding its program with a $2.3 million grant from the Arizona Department of Education.

The Higher Grounds Resource Center started 15 years ago in the living room of a CEO teaching his son. Now, with this funding, the program has expanded from his six schools to nine.

Utterback Middle School is one of six partners in the Higher Grounds Restart SMART Program.

CEO Jansen Azarias Suzomoto said the program will empower the community by providing resources for students and reducing the burden on school staff.

“They have a lot of challenges, but we can take on all of them. We can run focus groups, we can do different things. You can,” he said. He said.

Higher Grounds has offered 47 partnerships in support of Utterback Middle School.

Principal Taranika Sanders said the partners have not only strengthened the focus on the arts, but have also helped build community schools. One of her ways is to provide social emotional support.

“They often rely on our senior staff to help them make positive choices and to help facilitate difficult conversations, thereby fueling our actions across campus. It reduces the problem above,” she said.

Cheryl Lopez, Psychic Director of Utterback Middle School at Higher Grounds, said the Restart SMART team is addressing issues that arise outside the classroom.

“We just give them a safe place. They want to feel safe. And when they feel safe, they let their guard down and open up,” she said.

This program will serve each school in a unique way. Suzumoto said he is honored to expand the reach of Higher Grounds.

He said the nonprofit is now in the process of building new partnerships with schools.

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