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Tucson, Arizona 2022-05-03 17:15:09 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — Tucson roads can be deadly. Since 2019, more than 80 people have died on Tucson roads.

Locals who commute daily from the Oro Valley believe in the people, not the city.

“There seems to be enough roads, but people are impatient,” said David Schmiddlekover.

Women who drive the city often believe that the city has solved some of the problems.

“It’s always clustered and we live by Kolb and Sunrise, and Kolb is finally expanding, but it’s been a long time behind,” shared Lori Gaffney.

The city of Tucson discussed a new project called Vision Zero on Monday. This requires the city to take a public position against deaths and serious injuries.

Tucson needs to identify strategic goals, task forces, and action plans with deadlines to eliminate deaths.

It also describes new ways of thinking about road safety.

Transport and Mobility Director Sam Credio submitted the campaign to the City Council at the request of Mayor Regina Romero.

“It’s time to do more to get rid of road casualties, so we called for a discussion on Vision Zero in the proceedings,” said Mayor Romero. Street improvements that benefit all users and modes. “

For more information on Vision Zero and its roots, please visit: VisionZeroNetwork.org..

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Tucson officials look to unite city against traffic deaths Source link Tucson officials look to unite city against traffic deaths

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