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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) —Tucson has recently seen an increase in restaurant drive-through and take-out methods. Saturday was a busy start at the new BlackRock Coffee Bar near the University of Arizona.

Cafes have always had an almost drive-through business model.

“We started with a small 300-square-foot building that’s just a drive-through of the coffee kiosk,” said Clay Geyer, vice president of operations at the Black Rock Coffee Bar.

This quick pick-up and go strategy made a big difference last year.

“We went through the steps of closing the lobby and doing only drive-throughs, which really helped us get through the pandemic.”

This is the model that Arizona restaurants are adapting to. According to the Arizona Restaurant Association, 5% of sales came from pre-pandemic takeaway. But by 2020, that number jumped to 25%.

Steve Chukuri, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Arizona Restaurant Association, said: Throughout my 20-year career. “

Last year, the association helped more than 2,500 Arizona restaurants coordinate their services.

“There was a request for how to get it if there was no drive-through. I think even Chipotle is looking at ways to add drive-throughs.”

This year, take-out-only spots have appeared throughout Tucson. Includes “By the Bucket” with two planned storefronts. It’s the main selling point, the quick service takeout of spaghetti and meatballs.

Brett Dacosta, the founder of the bucket, said:

DaCosta started the franchise a year before the pandemic. It grew exponentially with buckets while other restaurants were adjusting their business model. DaCosta says he came up with the right idea at the right time.

“People discovered my spaghetti and it was like,’Hey, why can I sit in an Italian restaurant and put spaghetti in a bucket?’ So we were able to grow our business. “Da Costa said.

If Tucson continues this trend, the takeaway industry will stay here.


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