Tulsa County approves $1.3M Jenks levee improvement project – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-09-16 19:11:08 –

Commissioner of Jenks — Tulsa County, Oklahoma, is taking steps to prevent flooding, as we saw along the Arkansas River in May 2019.

The Commissioner has approved a $ 1.3 million project to improve the Jenks Embankment, which orbits the city 7.8 miles.

“It protects downtown Jenks, protects the airport, and protects all kinds of infrastructure there, so it’s very important,” said Karen Keith, Commissioner of Tulsa County.

The embankment is now high enough to protect it from 100 years of flood levels. However, federal standards require higher levels for greater protection. The crew adds compacted soil to the embankment to lift it.

“It’s basically really a dirt worm, it’s a special dirt. Anyway, it needs to be built to survive this century. Looking at climate change, the weather is getting better and better. It’s a challenge. “

This project took place after the May 2019 Flood. After the flood, FEMA evaluated the county levees to see where they needed to be improved.

The Jenks embankment is different from the West Tulsa embankment, which was hit hard by the floods.

“I’m really grateful that the embankment has been preserved so far,” Keith said. “It’s a completely different beast than the one that protects Sandsprings, the embankment in western Tulsa. . “

Regarding the West Tulsa Embankment, Keith said he was in the pre-engineering and design stages to fix it. She said the money was licensed for it, but they are still waiting for them.

“I feel like it’s included in one of these infrastructure packages, which will be included in the WRDA bill, the Water Resources Development Authority, or other funding approvals issued,” Keith said. increase.

Construction of the Jenks Embankment will begin early next year and will continue until the end of the year.

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Tulsa County approves $1.3M Jenks levee improvement project Source link Tulsa County approves $1.3M Jenks levee improvement project

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