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Tulsa, Oklahoma — Children who have left home and have been forced into sexual slavery have exploded in the last few years, Tulsa police say.

Since March 2019, the Tulsa Police Department’s Trafficking / Deputy Forces have made 59 trafficking-related arrests, including 29 federal prosecutions.

This has increased from zero in 2018.

Police in Tulsa told 2News Oklahoma that trafficking in children is now a growing problem and they are working 24 hours a day to save the most vulnerable people in our city.

2 News Oklahoma recently had the opportunity to go out with a trafficking / deputy unit of the Tulsa police for a stab wound aimed at a buyer, but now I would like to talk about the victims. Life of sexual slavery.

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“You can be outside the car, outside the hotel, outside the apartment, outside the house. We rescue them from all over the world,” says Lieutenant Brian Wilson.

Wilson is an adjutant to the trafficking / deputy unit at the Tulsa Police Station. He says he sees more than ever a young runaway they are forced to sell their bodies for sex.

“They’re crazy about life they never imagined,” says Wilson.

And from time to time, these children find that there is no way out.

One way Wilson says to prevent pimps from escaping is to make sure they’re crazy about drugs.

“So they are sucked in, engrossed, and the only place to get drugs is from abusers. There is no escape route.

If you’re running these women and you’re preying on them and forcing them to act against their will, your overheads are low, “he says.

The profit of the string can be high.

“She works all day. She has been sacrificed 10 times by 10 different men and is at least $ 100 per pop. If you’re already looking at the cheaper $ 1,000, you work 7 days a week, That’s $ 7,000 a week x $ 4 a month, $ 28,000, “says Wilson.

He and his research team are spending thousands of hours on these cases doing everything they can to help these women and children escape.

“There are several weeks we identify and encounter new victims each week,” says Wilson.

He says one of his biggest hurdles today is the lack of investigators.

“The time spent in each of these incidents not only identifies our victims, finds our victims, and rescues her, but literally nearly 1,000 man-hours have succeeded. It affects the fact that you bring it to prosecution. “

Tulsa police are recruiting men and women to regain the authorized power of more than 900 police officers, and the shortage of police officers has had a major impact on their deputy forces.

“Our authorized strengths are lieutenant, sergeant, and six investigators. Currently, due to the lack of staff in this department, I have four investigators, which is hard,” he says.

But Wilson and his team say they’ll keep fighting for justice … hoping to finally win with the rescued kid.

“I think the youngest victim of the incident we worked for was four,” Wilson says. The strength they need to testify, it’s huge. It’s hard to build, “he says.

Wilson says that one of the most common victims of trafficking is a runaway that is less positively influenced by men, so letting people around you know how much you love them. Say it’s very important.

He also says he is very grateful to the organizations working with them to bring healing to the rescued victims, and they really rely on service providers to carry out their missions.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of trafficking, you can contact the Demand Project.

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