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Tulsa, Oklahoma — Since March 2019, trafficking / deputy forces at the Tulsa Police Station have made 59 trafficking-related arrests, including 29 federal indictments. This is compared to zero arrests in 2018.

2 News Oklahoma spent the night with TPD trafficking / deputy troops and exclusively investigated what they did overnight.

The operation uses multiple female undercover agents disguised as sex workers. Their goal is to arrest as many people as possible seeking or engaging in sex work.

“It’s demand. It’s just economics for these people. You know because there is supply and demand. The demand side of these people who are paying to sexually act on these women, And the majority, if not all of them, are not their will, “said Lieutenant Brian Wilson, commander in charge.

The stab occurred at the Admiral’s hotel, where police said it was a hotspot for sexual trafficking.

“It’s happening at lunch. It’s happening after working hours and it’s happening at night,” Wilson said.

Covered offices slowly walk up and down the street, which isn’t long before potential customers pull up.

“People who start paying for sex with women are eventually drawn to wanting young girls,” Wilson said.

After the buyer has provided money for sexual activity, she tells him that he has a room and pulls into the parking lot. Once inside, he put the money on the table and he was immediately arrested by two other police officers. The man is taken to another location in the hotel and cross-examined and searched by another undercover investigator.

The undercover investigator returns and the operation resumes.

“At some point in the hour, I think 15 people were hiring executives. It’s pretty shocking,” Wilson said.

Some of them drove while others “dated” online to meet her. After the investigators arrested and completed the paperwork, the man was loaded into a van and put in jail.

“Tonight we arrested seven people in about four hours of surgery. I think our officers encountered 25-40 individuals seeking payment for sexual activity,” Wilson said. rice field.

During this puncture wound, investigators arrested six people for seeking prostitution. 2 News Oklahoma has not named or shown them because these men are still in court. These are arrests, not convictions.

Tulsa police said the operation targeted sexual buyers seeking to dent sexual trafficking.

“There has been an upward trend over the last two years. The number of victims rescued and the number of victims we have identified have just passed through the roof,” Wilson said.

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