Turkuaz Throws a Dance Party At Summerfest – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-09-20 12:22:51 –


t was a party. It was a disco, and there was a lot of flirtation before Jerry Harrison sang lead vocals on Talking Heads’ apocalyptic telegram “Life During Wartime” on Saturday night at the UScellular Connection Stage at Summerfest.

Featuring Talking Heads multi-instrumentalist Jerry Harrison and guitarist Adrian Belieu touring as part of Talking Heads, Turquaz plays a concert built around the Heads 1980 album. Did Stay in the light..

From the opening salvo of “Psychokiller”, a group of 12 people launched a crowd. When the imaginative cover of Al Green’s Soul Groove new wave band was released, its healthy segment wasn’t even born.

You may be allowed to ask how many years it was, as Sheria E stuffed the nearby stage and Lemonheads played early in the day. By the time the show came, other concepts may have emerged. Is Turkuaz a Brooklyn hipster band with a deep record collection that shines with the star power of respected guests? Has historical revisionism fully glanced at the concept of cultural appropriation regarding the influence of Nigerian Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti and Nigerian writer Amos Chutuora’s Talking Heads?

no. On the last night of the 2021 Summerfest it wasn’t a problem. There were 12 performers on the stage and the groove was strong. All the instruments were like drums. Turkuaz recreates the vast polyrhythmic sounds that many fans have celebrated each year when the Milwaukee Film Festival screens a Talking Heads concert film. Don’t make sense.. This was simply a physical execution of the scenario. Under the waxed Gibbs Moon, people danced at the bleachers and picnic tables. A veteran of the gray-haired ponytail fest, an injured partner is slipping over a knee scooter.

For most of the show, guitarist Dave Brandwayne was on vocals and saxophonist Josh Schwartz was rebuked by saxophonist Garrett and Sila Elias. Originally from Shorewood, Harrison also spotlighted “Rev It Up,” co-written with local songwriter John Seger. Belew took some vocals, including “Thela Hun Ginjeet,” from his days at King Crimson and Heads’ “Cities,” and was further enhanced by the punctuation in the three-piece horn section.

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