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Perris, CA-Former Deputy Guardian says he will cooperate with the Riverside County investigation Suspected abuse Thirteen Tarpin children, who had been detained and tortured in Perris’s house for years, experienced after being rescued.

Vanessa Espinoza, who was assigned to work with seven adult Tarpin brothers, is responsible for helping them find the right housing, medical care, food assistance, education and other benefits. It has been accused of neglecting.

“I’m fine with submitting the necessary evidence to the law firm or department responsible for this investigation,” she wrote in a statement on her Facebook page over the weekend.

Espinoza’s Facebook statement was released eight days after ABC’s 20/20 Diane Sawyer special event “Escape From A House Of Horror.” The program noted claims that some of Turpin’s children (both adults and minors) have been facing dangers and difficulties since they were rescued and cared for in Riverside County. After the escape of one of the children in January 2018, the county was responsible for taking care of them, and parents David and Louise Turpin, who are currently in prison for life imprisonment, were arrested.

In a statement posted on a Facebook page about the real estate business she runs with her fiancé, Espinoza wrote that she couldn’t discuss many details of the case. She said she was aware of the seriousness of the situation in Tarpin’s children and asked for patience.

“I understand the seriousness of these allegations, but I appreciate the public’s perception that the investigation must be completed,” Espinoza said, saying he was not fired because he voluntarily quit his job in Riverside County. Added.

Riverside County officials and some of Turpin’s children have stated that many of these resources and services, such as secure housing, transportation and medical care, do not yet have meaningful access.

“They were sacrificed again by the system,” Riverside County district lawyer Mike Hestrin told ABC News. “It’s unimaginable to me. The worst case of child abuse I’ve ever seen can occur … and putting it together to give it a basic need. You will not be able to. “

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In response to repeated questions from ABC News, Riverside County Executive Officer Jeff Van Wagenen admitted that “there were cases where the people we were trying to protect were harmed.” He said the county hired a law firm to “perform an independent and comprehensive investigation” of what happened in the case of the Tarpin brothers.

Authorities said the results of the investigation would be published when the investigation was scheduled to end at the end of March.

ABC News contributed to this report.

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Turpin children: Former public guardian says she will cooperate with Riverside County investigation Source link Turpin children: Former public guardian says she will cooperate with Riverside County investigation

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