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Dr. Gabriel Trujillo, director of the Tucson Unified School District, told the board on Tuesday that teachers involved in the next phase of COVID-19 vaccine deployment in Pima County will have less access to vaccination levels than originally expected. It was.

At a press conference on January 8, Trujillo’s registration website was released on Friday, with TUSD employees making appointments to vaccinate at one of Pima County’s vaccination sites, and 28 days later a second vaccination. Announced that we can schedule a follow-up for.

However, the Pima County Health Department has informed TUSD that there may not be enough vaccine supplies to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of people targeted for Phase 1B vaccines. Governments, adults in collective environments with high-risk medical conditions, and individuals over the age of 75.

During the first week of vaccination, which begins on January 18, the district may be limited to 100 to 200 vaccination reservations per week for up to a month, Trujillo said.

“The notification that the Pima County Health Department significantly restricted the supply of vaccines late Friday achieved their previously set positive goal of being able to vaccinate 2,000 to 3,000 Group 1B individuals per day. It doesn’t allow you to do it, “said Trujillo.

“Therefore, this jeopardizes our efforts as a Tucson Unified Community to ensure that all 10B employees are vaccinated by the end of February.”

TUSD has 7,458 staff working both remotely and on campus. According to a memorandum of understanding from county administrator Chuck Hackelbury, 275,000 to 325,000 individuals are eligible for Group 1B vaccine recipients.

As of January 12, the county received a total of 80,525 doses. By January 11, 33,108 vaccines had been administered.

Starting next week, Trujillo said direct-working staff, including custodians, food service workers and associate experts, will be prioritized.

Employees over the age of 65 will also be vaccinated first, according to Nikki Stephan, director of TUSD Health Services.

Trujillo has previously announced that TUSD employees will begin registering to receive the vaccine on Friday, but Stefan estimates that it is likely to be set up after January 18th instead.

According to Stephan, when it’s time to receive the vaccine, all school staff will receive the vaccine at the University of Arizona drive-through site.

Brian Eller, COVID-19 School Liaison Officer for the Pima County Health Department, said county vaccine allocations from the state had dropped to 12,000 per week. Those over 75 will receive it first.

According to Eller, Friday will be the day of the “test open” and the number of vaccines will be distributed according to “the throughput that the UA can handle each week.”

The amount of vaccine that each school employee receives depends on the number of staff they have. Of all educators from kindergarten to high school in the county, TUSD employs nearly 35%, Eller said.

“Every day, UAs can get a certain number of people by vaccination at that location. We don’t know what that number will be until the 15th,” Eller said. “From there we will assign a percentage. We have a billion people in terms of fairly distributing that percentage to different schools (there are private schools, charters, and all other school districts in Pima County). We use the total number of staff to allocate that percentage fairly fairly. “

The amount of vaccine that UA can provide daily is still unknown, but schools from kindergarten to high school receive nearly 50% of them, Eller said. He estimated that nearly 53,000 educators would qualify under a population of 1 billion.

When asked why the county was receiving such a limited amount of vaccine, the error said he didn’t know.

“There is no answer to that. The amount will be allocated based on the amount sent by the state,” he said. “That 12,000 amount is consistent. Hopefully it will increase further in the coming weeks, but it’s based on what the state has assigned to us.”

TUSD employees will have limited access to COVID-19 vaccines | Health Source link TUSD employees will have limited access to COVID-19 vaccines | Health

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