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Rask didn’t want the injury after losing in Game 6 to be the headline.

Bruins goalkeeper to crows may need surgery this offseason. Jim Davis / Globe Staff

Tuka Rusk He didn’t want his injury to be a headline after Bruins lost to Islanders on Wednesday, but he admitted that surgery could be an option during the off-season.

Rusk played at Bruins, despite a mysterious and persistent injury 6-2 loss, Eliminate them from the postseason.

“It’s difficult in the sense that you’re injured. It’s like being behind your head,” Rusk said when faced with the difficulty of playing injured. “You just think about it and try to push it out.”

Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy said Rusk is healthy enough to play, adding that surgery may require discussions between Rusk and medical staff.

“He was injured at the beginning of the year he was dealing with, which is one of those stubborn things that the medical team will evaluate it at the end of the year,” Cassidy said. “Many people experienced it in the playoffs. He was healthy and healthy enough to play. He wasn’t 100 percent. He was 95 or 92 years old. not.

“We talk to him every day, and he’s ready to go. We were very positive with him. We gave him time to recover in the middle of the year. If necessary, in the playoffs. It would have given time to recover from game to game. “

Rusk’s teammates appreciated his willingness to fight injured.

“He’s been doing that for years and he’s always stepping up and fighting things here and there when he needs it,” said Patrice Bergeron. “So we knew that what he was dealing with wasn’t always easy for him, but I commend him for wanting to be there for us.”

Rask finished on Wednesday with 23 saves on 27 occasions. Bruins pulled him in the last few minutes and the Islanders worked on a pair of empty net goals.

Cassidy said the Bruins need to step up and fill in for injured players, including defensive Brandon Carlo and Kevan Miller. If Bruins extended the series to seven games, Miller might have been available, but Carlo probably didn’t play.

“listen, [Rask’s performance] It wasn’t enough to win, but we weren’t, “said Cassidy. “So this is not in Tukka.”

Rusk, 34, closed his mouth about his future at both the Bruins and the NHL.

“I understand,” he said. “I’m not thinking about anything right now. It’s a pretty big loss, so I’ll stay a few nights, hold an exit meeting, and start planning for the future.”

Rusk was asked if the Bruins window felt closed.

“I think it’s the same answer every year. We’re all old. It won’t last forever,” Rask said. “So it’s definitely closed at some point. But I don’t know. We have great leadership and great veterans. Every year we create a new team and get together I think I’ve achieved that pretty well this year. “

Tuukka Rask might need offseason surgery, isn’t certain about NHL future Source link Tuukka Rask might need offseason surgery, isn’t certain about NHL future

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