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Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-10-19 20:20:20 –

Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – Within two weeks, Albuquerque residents will vote on a number of issues, including whether to approve millions of dollars in public debt to the stadium. However, television advertising focused on the financial boost of the stadium can give the city misleading information about the number of jobs the stadium creates.

A television ad demanding the passage of a $ 50 million bond in the stadium falsely claims that 280 “full-time” jobs will be created by the stadium. New Mexico United For All is a political campaign group that pays for advertising.They said they misinterpreted that number from City feasibility study, It says there are 280 annual jobs, including seasonal and part-time jobs. For reference, Isotopes Park has up to 350 jobs during the season, but only 25 full-time jobs throughout the year.

“When I read the survey, I misunderstood the number of 280 employees,” said Carrie Robin Brander, political director of New Mexico United for All. “That was an honest mistake. I We don’t want to mislead anyone. We want to be very clear about what the economics behind the stadium is. “

Brander still claimed that the work of 280 people a year was a “modest” estimate by CAAICON, as he did not consider the women’s team coming to Albuquerque. She also said they were 280 new jobs that wouldn’t exist without the stadium yet.

“These jobs are permanent because they exist every year with the events happening at the stadium, but we want to be as clear and transparent as possible about what the stadium actually does. “I will,” said Brander.

TV ads have stopped broadcasting this week. Brander also said he stopped printing mailers on Tuesday and confirmed that the “full-time” language was not included.

KRQE News 13 asked if anyone in New Mexico United saw the ad before it aired. Brander said New Mexico United for All was an independent campaign for bond issuance, and to the best of her knowledge, only the group’s “Campaign Committee” monitored it. Owner of New Mexico United, Peter Trevisani is a donor to a group run by the director of communication and fan experience for the team.

In a statement, David Carl, Director of Communications and Fan Experience at New Mexico United, said:

“New Mexico United believes in CAAIcon’s work estimates predictions. I think they’re a bit conservative, but what we’ve been trying to do since we started this journey, expectations I think it’s better to work harder than the new stadium, like the Isotopes Stadium, which creates hundreds of new jobs and millions of revenues. Alba Khaki is a great pride in our city. I hope it will be another reason to embrace. “

News 13 also asked the city for a response, but did not comment.

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