Twins’ Byron Buxton honored as American League Player of the Month – Twin Cities

2021-05-03 20:45:00 –

Byron Buxton wanted to give up. In June 2012, shortly after the Twins made him his second overall pick in the amateur draft, his professional career didn’t start as planned.

The speedy center fielder started playing 27 games in the Gulf Coast League 1 and wore it. He knew he was better than that.

“I wanted to quit,” he said on Monday. “I literally wanted to quit baseball.”

Until the first full-pro season of 2013, he said he really began to understand who he was and what he could do at the baseball stadium, showing off his immense potential when he got over the Twins system. I did.

Baxton’s career has retreated many times due to injuries. But if he could stay healthy and reach his potential, he had the next level. He reached it in April and was rewarded for being selected as the player of the American League this month on Monday. This honor was awarded only to 16 ex-Twins.

In addition to the center-fielder Gold Glove award defense, Baxton hit .426 with an on-base percentage of .466 and a slugging percentage of .897. His 1.363 OPS led qualified major league batters as well as batting average and slugging percentage. He finished the month with eight home runs, 14 RBIs, 15 home runs and three stolen bases.

“Clearly in the past, it didn’t start the way I wanted, start the way I have, stick to what I’m doing, be confident and comfortable, and keep it going. It’s just done. It definitely lays the groundwork and gives us more confidence to go out and try again, “says Baxton.

After the best month of his career, Baxton seems confident. Last week, Baxton returned 5 to 5 days for him in April, one of eight multi-hit games.

“Honestly, you go there and you are yourself and you trust what you are doing,” Baxton said. “… When the game starts, it’s like a game to me. Now that I’m at work, it’s time to go play and relax.”

Baxton said this month that he is in a good mental location. Much of it is due to his family. Baxton, the father of the two boys, said he was helping his family keep everything in mind. Over the past few years, he said, he began to realize that he had to be himself, rather than going out and trying to be something other than himself. The more he treated baseball like a game, the more fun he became.

The more he enjoyed, the better the result.

“If you’re in the field, that means you’re free to play, get out there, and be your best version,” Baxton said.

The best version of Baxton isn’t the one who once thought about quitting 27 to 1. It is the man who constantly surprises the people around him every night. It’s the guy who quickly turns the routine grounder into a single and makes it easy to show off difficult plays. It’s a man whose athletic ability makes him simply do what others can’t.

When he is healthy, he is one of the best players in the league.

“He’s already a great player. That’s where we started with him, but when we see him doing what he’s done, everyone puts together the beginning of the year for a month. I can’t believe I can play that way. His way of playing may be seen by a really special player for a few days, a week, or even 10 days. 30 days to do it a year To get started and pick us up in many ways, you don’t see it often. ”

Twins’ Byron Buxton honored as American League Player of the Month – Twin Cities Source link Twins’ Byron Buxton honored as American League Player of the Month – Twin Cities

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