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Twinsburg, Ohio (WJW) — for identical twins Brittany and Brianna Thalias, now 35, and the curiosity surrounding them is nothing new. People want to know what it’s like to have sisters who look alike.

And as the twins marry a pair of twin men, 38-year-old Josh and Jeremy Sulliers, and each have one-year-old sons (technically cousins, but genetically closer siblings), their Interest in life has only increased.

Twins from all over the world come to join us this weekend Twinsburg‘s annual Twins Days festival includes Thalia, who hadn’t been for several years due to the pandemic and pregnancy. Twins are the norm here and everyone understands what it’s like to be born with a special connection to a sibling.

“This is the first time we’re going as parents,” Brittany told FOX 8 earlier this week while traveling north from her home in Virginia. I am very excited to show you.”

This is where the twin couple met and then got married. This is where they made friends and entered similar contests. Even won her second place trophy for women at one point. With a “Welcome to the Jungle” theme this year, the Salyers have matching outfits they’ve been working on for months.

The festival takes place during a time when the Earth may be in what scientists call the “twin peaks.”

In the 2021 survey Published in Human ReproductionAfter looking at data from more than 100 countries since the 1980s, the analysis reveals that twin birth rates have risen on average by nearly a third. These days, it is said that about 1.6 million people give birth to twins every year. Researchers attribute much of this to the fact that people have babies later in life, at a time when multiple pregnancies and the use of in vitro fertilization are more common.

But even though twins are more common, twin parents with quaternary twins, a term used for one-year-old cousins ​​Jet and Jax, aren’t.

with 218K follower On Instagram, the Salyers prepare to learn more about their lives in a new media project, but “don’t say too much” other than involving their family.

Speaking about their 2018 wedding, Brianna said: Appears on TLC.

But one of the big reasons families want to embrace their viewers is to let other twins know their lifestyle is possible.

“Not everyone wants the life they have right now, but those who might or might not think it would have been possible had they not met another person who made that dream come true.” I think there are a lot of them,” says Brittany.

Women always wanted to marry twins, but now the reality is that they all live in the same house and share everything, including raising children (except the bedroom). There is a difference. wedding and event spacethey run it as a family.

They say they rarely need alone time, but Brittany and Briana are also part-time attorneys at a local law firm, giving them time away from home.

“I think it worked. Everyone in the house gets it,” Briana says.

“We’re all full-time parents and full-time workers and we’re all doing just fine,” says Brittany.

Find out more about the Twins Days Festival, which runs through Sunday. here. Those who are not twins can also participate.

Twinsburg Twins Days Festival Salyers family Source link Twinsburg Twins Days Festival Salyers family

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