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Last year, Milwaukee’s cinematic horror showcase, the Twisted Dreams Film Festival, screened a video in the light of the real horror that swept the world. This year, Twisted Dream will stick to the virtual format and expand to a 10-day event from June 4th to 13th.

For the awards given at this year’s festival, Twisted Dreams, along with directors Manolo Manguia (HOus3) and Kevin McTark, comedian Nate Ford, and director Manolo Manguia (HOus3), once Milwaukee. We recruited a jury including actors Mark Metcalf (Animal House) and R. Michael Gull (Cactus Jack). Writer Jason and Chris Thornton.

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Christopher House, director of Twisted Dream, has answered some questions.

How was last year’s virtual turnout compared to the actual turnout in 2019?

It wasn’t as good as I expected for a live event, but the attendance at the virtual festival was better than expected. The ability to talk to filmmakers around the world was a huge bonus in doing it virtually.

How did the pandemic affect the content of the horror film? Has anything been shot during the pandemic?

When it comes to content, there are more and more horror films about isolation and the impact of isolation on people. Some may think that illness is a big topic, but the theme that is repeatedly featured in pandemic films is isolation. I also expected to see more zoom horror movies, so it was a nice surprise that I didn’t see many of them.

There are several movies shot during the pandemic. Contaminated by Milwaukee Filmmaker Brian Klewen was created for the challenge of a special quarantine filmmaker at the Madison-based Camp Blood Film Festival. Some are directly supported.Other (like PossessionWhat was created before the pandemic seems to have expected an isolated and isolated sensation.

Are you planning to return to next year’s live event?

Yes, I’m planning to return to the live festival next year. We are already in the early stages of planning and will make up for the lost time with great events. We will also change the festival from spring to autumn so that we can provide our fans with great horror movies for the Halloween season.

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June 3, 2021

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