Twitter calls on Indian government to respect freedom of speech

Even before the coronavirus epidemic, the Modi administration and the Bharatiya Janata Party were taking more and more powerful steps to curb dissent in 1.4 billion countries.

During February, Twitter blocked more than 500 accounts in India and deleted an unspecified number of accounts. Protest by angry farmerFarmers have been camping outside New Delhi for at least six months to protest agricultural law.

Twitter had Said He previously stated that he did not take any action against the accounts of the press, journalists, activists and politicians and did not consider the order to block those accounts to be “in compliance with Indian law”. ..

But on Thursday, the company prevented some unidentified accounts in these categories from being viewed in India, even though it believed that the content was “legitimate freedom of speech” under Indian and international law. The company admitted last week That it has resumed A verification process that allows government officials, media organizations, journalists, and activists to apply for a blue checkmark, a sign of credibility online, has been pending since 2017.

April, Prime Minister Modi’s administration Ordered Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to remove dozens of social media posts He was critical of his response to the pandemic. The order covers about 100 posts from opposition politicians. Mr. Modi Resign.

India’s new Internet rules apply to a variety of media, including: Digital news outletStreaming services like, Netflix And Amazon, And use social media platforms to empower governments to quickly delete articles, posts, or other material. Specifically, social media companies appoint Indian-based executives who may be criminally liable for violations and “first send” posts and messages that the government considers “aggressive.” We want to create a system that tracks and identifies “people.”

Under regulations announced in February, social media companies were given a deadline on Tuesday to appoint executives who could be held accountable.

Twitter calls on Indian government to respect freedom of speech

Source link Twitter calls on Indian government to respect freedom of speech

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