Twitter gives Joe Biden an @POTUS handle on inauguration day

Twitter will automatically transfer the official @POTUS Even if President Donald Trump refuses to approve the election, the president’s handle to Joe Biden, who was elected in the presidential election on the day of his inauguration.Other official accounts like @White House, @VP And @FLOTUS In addition, we will move to a new administration.

“Twitter is actively preparing to support the migration of the White House’s institutional Twitter account on January 20, 2021. Similar to the 2017 presidential transition, this process is in close contact with the National Archives and Records Agency. It is being held in consultation with the spokesperson, “said a spokeswoman. Twitter told CBS News.

Similar to the previous Twitter handle transfer from President Barack Obama to Mr. Trump, existing tweets on these accounts archive The account will then be reset to zero tweets for the next administration on the day of inauguration.

Mr. Trump refused to allow the election, even though Mr. Biden had decisively won the Electoral College and popularity polls and some states had already proved the results.The· General Procurement BureauResponsible for overseeing the presidential transition has not yet issued a “confirmation” letter confirming Mr. Biden’s victory and has begun a formal process.

Nonetheless, Twitter moves show that Mr. Trump’s challenge to election results has not been taken seriously by the company.

Mr. Trump will soon lose access to the @POTUS handle, but he has largely relied on his personal account. @realDonaldTrump, Communicate throughout the presidency. However, in the absence of Mr. Trump, his private account will lose protection under Twitter’s “World Leader” policy. This allows you to label tweets that violate the rules with a warning label. On twitter Labeled some of Mr. Trump’s tweets Weeks from the election date due to incorrect information about the election.

Twitter gives Joe Biden an @POTUS handle on inauguration day

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