Twitter labels posts with misleading information about the COVID-19 vaccine

Twitter announced on Monday that it will begin labeling tweets that contain misleading information. COVID-19 vaccine We have also introduced a strike policy to prevent users from repeatedly violating these rules.

To eradicate the false information surrounding the coronavirus from the platform, Twitter said the label was first applied by human moderators. However, the goal is ultimately to use both humans and artificial intelligence to address content that disseminates false information about the COVID-19 vaccine.

“As health authorities gain a better understanding of COVID-19 and vaccination programs around the world, we continue to amplify the latest and most reliable information,” Twitter said. Blog post..

The company will start with English content and expand to other languages ​​over time.


In December, Twitter urged users to remove tweets that provided harmful, false, or misleading explanations about vaccines, including suggesting intentional control of citizens using vaccinations and vaccines. Announced that there is a possibility of

Twitter said on Monday that it has deleted 8,400 tweets due to policy violations since it introduced the COVID-19 guidance in March 2020. During that period, Twitter said it had “challenged” 11.5 million accounts, that is, it took steps to verify information and credibility.

In the first guidance of March, users had to remove “content that increases the chances of someone getting infected with a virus”. This includes tweets that deny health professional guidance on safety, tweets that encourage the use of ineffective treatments, and other misleading content that claims to come from trusted sources. It was.

In addition to the label, Twitter said the new five-strike policy “helps educate the general public” and “further reduces the spread of potentially harmful and misleading information.”

Tweets that contain incorrect information but do not guarantee complete deletion will give the user a single attack. Twitter said it needed to remove “severe” tweets that violated the policy of “causing a deliberate conspiracy with malicious or powerful force.”

According to Twitter, tweets may be less visible and you may be able to turn off likes, comments, and retweets for content that you see as warning messages and are determined to be harmful. Tweets that contain misleading information about the coronavirus will go on strike once. If Twitter requests the deletion of a tweet, the user will be issued two violation warnings.

According to Twitter, there is no account-level action for a single strike. If the user receives two violation alerts, the account will be locked for 12 hours. Similarly, three strikes lead to a 12-hour account lock, a fourth strike leads to a seven-day account lock, and a fifth strike means a permanent account suspension.

YouTube has a similar strike, and accounts that have won three strikes in 90 days will be permanently deleted.

This isn’t the first time Twitter has labeled a falsely misleading tweet. In November, prior to the 2020 presidential election Twitter said Label all tweets that falsely claim a candidate’s victory.

Social media companies are stepping up efforts to remove deliberately false and misleading information about the coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccine from the platform.

Facebook last month Expansion We warned that pages, groups, and accounts that repeatedly share a list of false allegations about the coronavirus and alleged allegations could be permanently deleted.

Twitter labels posts with misleading information about the COVID-19 vaccine

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