Two events to fight hunger this weekend – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-04-30 19:21:16 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — There is help for hungry families coming from two volunteer activities this weekend. More information on where community generosity can help fill your dishes can be found here.

Food is an integral part of life and sometimes a bridge to more.

There are at least two events this weekend where food plays a role.

A group called Pillars and Bridges is dedicated to building a bridge between the community and government officials such as the police. Saturday’s event at Mansfield Park on 4th Avenue near Grant will include county lawyer Laura Conover.

Cedric Cook is one of the organizers. He says they have £ 30,000 of food to share, but once people get together, it turns out that it’s an opportunity to serve more than food.

“When we take them there for food, we find out what else they need, and we act on it as a group, electricity, and more. Try to understand how else we can support their needs, such as food sources, things for babies, clothing, no work opportunities, etc., whatever it is, we take them there When we go, when they get them, we try to do more than just food. “

Monthfield Park events run from 10 pm to 2 pm or until you run out of food.

Hungry families can find food at events hosted Moon Child Foundation.. Located in Lilyto Park near First and River. Pediatric dentist Chad Davis, a group of sponsors including Safeway, two pediatric dentist groups, and other local businesses host food sharing events aimed at combating hunger with healthy choices.

The Moon Child event begins at 8am. It shares the message that snacks can serve attractive treats without the heavy use of sugar such as nuts, vegetables and popcorn without candy coatings.

“As a pediatric dentist, there are a lot of cavities there, and I think most of these problems are due to snacks,” said Dr. Davis.

But when difficult times come, he says, it’s hard to serve healthy snacks.

“Especially in pandemics, we find that we are running out of a lot of resources, and unfortunately, healthy snacks are often a bit more expensive.”

But the community is gathering to fight hunger and the problems that come with it.

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