Two express trains collide in Pakistan, killing at least 40 people

Train accident in Pakistan kills one person
A train wreck near Sukkur, Sindh, southern Pakistan on March 7, 2021, derailed a passenger train in Pakistan.

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Pakistan, Multan — Officials said at least 40 people were killed in an express train crashing into a derailed express train in Pakistan before dawn on Monday. More than 100 people were injured and rescue workers and villagers were crumpled all day long. I dragged the survivors and the dead out of the car.

Locals rushed to the scene in the Gotoki district of southern Sindh as passengers rolled over or disembarked from a crushed railroad car, screaming for help echoed in the middle of the night. Later that day, heavy equipment arrived with several cars carved out in hopes of rescuing a few people who were still believed to be trapped. The army deployed troops and helicopters for support.

At around 3:30 am, the Mirato Express train derailed and the Sir Said Express train collided a few minutes later, said Usman Abdullah, Deputy Commissioner of Gotoki. The cause of the derailment was not immediately apparent, and the train driver said he saw the broken train and braked, but did not have time to avoid the collision.

“The challenge for us is to quickly rescue passengers who are still trapped in the wreckage,” said Umar Tufail, the district police chief. According to Abdullah, deaths have steadily increased throughout the day, reaching at least 40.

Pakistan train accident
Railroad workers are repairing railroad tracks at the scene of a train wreck that killed at least one passenger and injured dozens of people in Lori on March 7, 2021.

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More than 100 passengers were injured, and seriously injured people were taken by helicopter to a nearby city hospital, officials said.

Earlier, railroad minister Azam Swati, who headed to the scene of the accident, told The Associated Press that engineers and experts were trying to determine the cause of the collision and that all aspects, including the possibility of sabotage, would be investigated. Told.

According to railroad officials, the two trains had about 1,100 passengers and arrangements were made to assist the survivors.

The military stated that the army was participating in rescue and rescue. Surgeons and ambulances were dispatched from nearby cities, and a team of military engineers were sent by helicopter to Gotoki.

According to local media, some passengers were on the Mirat Express to attend the wedding reception, but it is not clear if they were killed or injured. Television footage showed an ambulance carrying an injured passenger to the hospital.

The Pakistani Prime Minister expressed deep sorrow for this tragedy. Imran Khan said on Twitter that he had asked the rail ministry to oversee rescue operations and ordered an investigation into the accident.

Sir Sayed Express driver Ijazz Ahmed told Pakistan’s Geo News TV that he saw the derailed train and tried his best to brake and avoid the accident, but failed. He didn’t explain how he survived.

Mohammad Amin, one of the slightly injured Millat Express passengers, told AP from the hospital that his brother, who was on the same train as him before leaving the southern port city of Karachi, was a railroad mechanic. He said he saw it. I am working on one of the coaches.

This made them believe that something was wrong, but I was relieved that everything was fine. Amin claimed that the vehicle he was working on was later derailed.

Habilble Lehmann Girani, chairman of the Pakistan Railway, told Geo News TV that the section of the railroad where the accident occurred is old and needs to be replaced. He didn’t elaborate.

There are many train accidents in Pakistan, and successive governments have paid little attention to improving poorly maintained signal systems and dilapidated railroad tracks.

In 1990, a packed passenger rushed into a stopped freight train in southern Pakistan, killing 210 people in the worst railroad accident in Pakistan’s history.

Two express trains collide in Pakistan, killing at least 40 people

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