Two Florida Teens Held Over Colombine-Style School Shooting Plan | Florida

Two students from a middle school in Florida Columbine A massacre in 1999 in Colorado where two teenagers killed 12 students and a teacher.

“We were a second away from Colombine here,” said a local sheriff.

The 13- and 14-year-old boys were detained in the youth detention center for plotting mass shootings.

Both boys are in 8th grade Harns Marsh Middle School in Lee County, two hours away from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Parkland, A student killed 17 people in 2018.

The boys were arrested after the students warned the teacher that they might have a gun in their backpack.

The teacher notified the administrator who performed the search. No firearms were found, but a search found a map of the school marked with the location of the internal camera.Sheriff Carmine Marseno Told reporters On thursday.

An investigation by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Youth Department of the Sheriff’s Office found that the boys were “involved in a plan to shoot at school.”

Marseno said the pair was “extensively studying” Columbine shootings.

Investigators found “disturbing evidence” at the boy’s house, including knives and guns. They also found evidence that the boys were trying to learn how to buy firearms and make pipe bombs in the black market.

“I am confident that my devoted team of agents and detectives acted swiftly, scrutinized and prevented highly violent and dangerous acts,” Marseno said. Said.

He also said: “This could have been next Parkland I slaughtered it, but stopped it at the planning stage. “

According to Marseno, the two students were well known to the authorities, and their agents visited their homes nearly 80 times in total. Both boys met the criteria at a mental health facility and were evaluated before detention.

Alex Dvorzanski, Principal of Hearns Marsh Junior High School, said:

“The safety of our students and staff is at the heart of our work.”

Mass shootings are common Predefined As an incident in which at least four people were shot dead or killed, except for those with guns.

According to the data from Gun violence archiveSince 2017, mass shootings have increased across the United States. According to a non-profit organization that began collecting data in 2014, the increase in mass shootings in 2020 was the largest, from 417 in the previous year to 611.

The Gun Violence Archive counted nearly 500 mass shootings in 2021.

Two Florida Teens Held Over Colombine-Style School Shooting Plan | Florida

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