Two killed on interstate in Memphis – Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-10-17 12:03:22 –

Memphis, Tennessee-Memphis police say two pedestrians were beaten and killed on I-240 early Saturday morning.

Police said the crash occurred at I-240 west of Walnut Grove at around 12:19 am.

Police said they were trying to push a stalled vehicle into the interstate highway until the accident.

This is the position where driver Perry Malone previously found himself.

“Fortunately, I thank God that I was safe and able to push it to the side of the street. The car was coming very fast, I understand because it was a very scary experience. I will, “said Malone. “If you can, do your best to get over it. Just slow down and watch out for those people, because you don’t know what they are experiencing.”

Both of them were declared dead in the field. The victim’s name will not be disclosed until the family is notified.

Police say the driver who attacked them stayed on the scene. The person accused of hitting the victim is not guilty of anything, but things can change as the investigation progresses.

MPD did not reveal whether the driver who caused the crash was speeding up or driving recklessly. In a brief statement, they told WREG, “When overtaking a vehicle stuck on an interstate, the motorist should move or slow down if possible.” ..

The MPD also said it did not advise people to push cars down the road, showing how dangerous things could be.

More than 200 fatalities have occurred in Memphis this year, the most in the state, and drivers are demanding change.

A state-wide initiative called “Slowdown Tennessee” is currently underway, and law enforcement agencies are increasing their presence on the road to reduce accidents.

Drivers like Melissa Harris believe that there are other major issues besides speeding.

“They absolutely need to enhance the game,” Harris said. “You need to not only target the speeders, but drive more across the lane to see how the system works. They just sit there and catch someone speeding up. I have to be there to meet someone who is driving recklessly. “

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