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The praise is given to two outstanding scholars within the Institute of Aviation, including an assistant professor. Dr. Chenyu “Victor” Huang, And the instructor, Theodore Johnson..

Chenyu “Victor” Huang

Dr. Huang has been awarded the Frank E. Sorenson Award of the University Aviation Association (UAA) this year. The Sorenson Award is given to professional educators who are actively involved in members of the University Aviation Association in good condition. Nominations for this award should reflect the substantial academic contribution to the field of aviation research and scholarships that is comparable to the range of research, scholarships and publications achieved by Dr. Sorenson.

“This award is a great honor and encouragement to continue to focus on aviation research and education for a safer, more accessible, sustainable and diverse aviation community,” said Dr. Huang. I will talk. “We believe this honor is due not only to the personal efforts we have made in aviation research and education, but also to CPACS’s substantially supportive environment and a large number of colleagues at the Aeronautical Research Institute and the Faculty of Public Administration. “

Like the prestigious honor from the UAA, Theodore Johnson was recognized as a leading black male educator.

Theodore Johnson

UNO’s Aviation Institute instructor Theodore Johnson was recognized as one of the 41 major black male educators highlighted as influencing education, especially higher education by UpLIFT.

UpLIFT is dedicated to celebrating black male educators across the United States-for us, by us-brilliant vision and reflexes in combating oppressive experiences through this innovative affinity movement. Combine.

According to the organization’s website, “Despite studies showing the impact of color educators on all students, black male educators make up about 2% of all educators across the United States. Male educators face numerous challenges in the field of education … This publication decolonizes these educationally oppressive challenges and uses a reflexive visual approach to black men. Created in the spirit of uplifting the educator’s experience.

Johnson was selected through an extensive three-tier application process after submitting the initial application, completing short answer / essay questions, and reviewing the application and resume.

Looking back on this outstanding perception, Johnson said: While it was very humble to emphasize such achievements, I also confirmed that I was using my knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences in ways that would benefit students, universities and the community. Specifically, a symbol of empowerment that allows students, especially those who look like me, to overcome a variety of racial, social, economic and institutional barriers that may be insurmountable to achieve their dreams and goals. We will develop the next generation of leaders while functioning as. Finally, this honor underscores the prominence of the values ​​and principles that my parents, civil servants, have instilled in me. Since then, my parents have acted as my “compass” and provided the foundation for my efforts to succeed while supporting the actions of others. It’s the same as I met during the trip. “

Both awards highlight the great efforts of the faculty members of the UNO Aviation Institute and their extraordinary contributions to this area.

UNO Aeronautical Research Institute

UNO has one of the best protected secrets in the United States, the Aeronautical Research Institute. Since its founding in 1990, the institute has skyrocketed to provide students with flight instruction and education in many other aspects of aviation, including air traffic control, airport management, ground operations, and security.

Two Major Honors: Two Exceptional Aviation Scholars | College of Public Affairs and Community Service Source link Two Major Honors: Two Exceptional Aviation Scholars | College of Public Affairs and Community Service

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