Two or More Gentlemen: Why Doug Emhoff is Kamala Harris’ Secret Weapon | Hadley Freeman | US News

TMuch can be said about the historic victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but I would like to focus on a man called Doug.Doug Emhoff is a lawyer, Harris’s husband in relation to your interests and my interests, and you #DougHive, Doug’s enthusiastic (and one suspect, mostly female) fan, you may not know much about him.

This in itself is surprising given that women are generally discussed. Through the prism of their personal life. Until last month, the young adult Harris was photographed occasionally was unaware that he was Doug’s child and her stepchild, not her child as I expected. Whether or not you have children, as Theresa May can tell you, once defined the public image of women, but I’m single about Harris’ parental status during this campaign. I don’t remember the discussion. Harris remains anomalous before all of us celebrate this as ecstasy. Find one article about Amy Coney Barrett that doesn’t mention how many her children are. And it suggests that this has some effect on her suitability for the Supreme Court. It’s not just her, but Doug that has made a big difference for Harris. (I know he should be called Emhoff in the style of the newspaper, but in fact he is such a Doug.)

I’m not crazy about Doug. He is not the subject of my mastermind. But he may be the subject of my pub quiz. How he and Harris met (he told a common friend that he was crazy about her), and how he danced (terrible, as various YouTube clips prove) )I know. I love their gathering in their late 40s, and when protesters crashed the story Harris was doing last year, Doug loved having him armed fiercely and powerfully off stage. “Thanks for all kinds of notes. We are good. I love @kamalaharris and do anything for her.” He tweeted Next day.

Their media line is that he is his beloved husband and she is a terrifyingly impressive woman. (Hillary Clinton should have received the same respect, but unfortunately he arrived on the national stage as Doug, an adjunct to the main event, and never actually escaped from that York.) Harris Political The general excitement about victory has been eased. Concerned about her history of avoiding intervention in incidents, including police killings. But Doug is a person that we all can enjoy unconditionally. He introduces the charm of a ridiculous, luxurious Jewish husband to the mainstream.

Doug is now quitting his job to become the first and second gentleman in the United States. Harris is properly celebrated as the first woman, African-American, and Indian-American Vice President, Many Jewish excitement (from me) that Jews are now in the White House, as anti-Semites have always feared. And, as predicted by the Rabbi, we envision our long-term planned world domination through the Second Lady.

Of course, much of the politician’s spouse’s appeal is the slightly retrograde idea that they reveal something about the politician. I forgot everything about Mike Pence’s wife, including his name. However, there are rumors that the husband does not eat lunch alone with a woman who is not her, and (or worse, in my book) he calls her a “mother.” “. The public’s analysis of Melania Trump’s misery and rumors that she was replaced by a body double reflected a collective longing for evidence of her husband’s wickedness. But I’ve always noticed that Melania’s own behavior is terrible enough – from the spread of birth theory, “I really don’t care. Do you?” Jacket when visiting immigrant children – You don’t have to read the runes.

Without Hillary, Bill Clinton would simply have been a sexually incontinent hound. What he got her-this brilliant and serious feminist-and what she stuck to him shed an interesting multi-layered light on both of them. Her new book, Rodham, and political spouse poet laureate Curtis Sittenfeld, plausibly imagines Bill’s 1992 presidential candidate, who failed because he wasn’t married to Hillary (half-spoiler). .. My favorite book of the century, the 2008 American wife Sittenfeld, made Laura Bush’s life fictional, and how this book-like woman got along with the vulgar Fratboy. I’m watching. Despite his friendship with Michelle Obama (the ultimate political spouse), I continued to resist George W. Bush’s alleged charm. But since reading my American wife, even I have come to appreciate his apparent love for Laura.

Doug is not the first man’s political spouse, but it is still thrilling to see him suspend his ambitions because of his wife’s ambitions. (It’s a shame I don’t know how Bill Clinton dealt with being the first man.) But the man sitting in the backseat is still It’s worth noting that we’re saying more about us, not about our spouse.

In every respect, Harris and Doug, like Dr. Biden and Dr. Jill Biden, who worked as teachers when her husband was Vice President and showed that she plans to continue doing so, with Trump. The opposite of Mike’s palate wash and Mother Pence: They are equal and obviously having fun together. The relationship between political leaders and their partners reflects and sets the national mood, from the perfect illusion of the Kennedy family in the United States in the 1960s to Blair’s confidence in the Bolsheviks in England in the late 90s. I am. Harris’ marriage eases the gender role, and married couples are really digging up each other, not because of their children or social expectations. Brings the era of Doug.

Two or More Gentlemen: Why Doug Emhoff is Kamala Harris’ Secret Weapon | Hadley Freeman | US News

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