Two people charged with murdering a Richmond man.Police say the victim was shot at high speed after leaving Auckland’s jewelry store – East Bay Times – Oakland, California

Oakland, California 2020-11-03 15:55:42 –

Oakland — The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has chased a group of people who passed through Oakland in an attempted robbery, fired at a car, and charged the two with killing a Richmond man, court records show.

Kareem Luong, 23, and Rudy Nguyen, 19, were charged with four murders, attempted robbery, and other charges related to the November 2019 shooting that killed 24-year-old Edwin Valero. It was. Murder charges include strengthening claims to use firearms, which can extend the sentence by 25 years if convicted.

Both Luong and Nguyen appeared before the judge in Dublin on Tuesday morning. Luon pleaded not guilty and set the next court day in early 2021. Nguyen, facing irrelevant gun possession and non-fatal shooting charges, has postponed the input of a two-week petition.

According to a probable cause statement by Auckland police officers, Luong conducted a police interview when he was arrested in June, admitting him to the robbery and involving Nguyen.

According to police, Luong told investigators that he was with Nguyen on the day of the murder when he received a call from a third party seeking help robbing four people who had just left a nearby jewelry store. The two reportedly chased four victims on Auckland Street at high speed until the victims collided with a dwelling at or near 1200 blocks on Magnolia Street.

Luong told police that he had seen Nguyen fire at a person running from a crashed car. Luon also admitted that he had fired from a car seat, police said.

Court records show that both defendants were detained in Santa Rita Prison in Dublin without bail.

Guerrero, also known as “Guerrero Torres,” lived in Richmond at the time of his death. On his family’s GoFundMe page, he describes him as a “great son, friend, brother,” adding: We lost a great companion, but got an angel. “

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