Two people died and 23 hospitalized after boat capsized off San Diego | San Diego

Two people were killed and nearly 20 were taken to the hospital after the wooden ship capsized on Sunday. San Diego Coast, officials said.

According to the San Diego Fire Department, local observers, the US Coast Guard, and other agencies responded around 10:30 am Pacific Standard Time after receiving reports of a ship crashing near the Point Loma Peninsula.

Two people were killed on the scene and 23 were taken to the hospital with “various degrees of injury,” said spokesman Jose Ysea.

Upon arriving at the site near Cabrillo National Monument, Isea said there was a “big debris field” of broken trees and other items in the choppy sea.

“In that part of Point Loma, it’s very rocky. It’s likely that the waves kept hitting the boat and broke it apart,” said Isea.

He confirms that it is possible that the group was packed into a lower Panga boat, a type of small motorboat made of wood often used by smugglers to illegally bring people from Mexico to the United States. Said it wasn’t.

Authorities believed that everyone on board was responsible, but boat and aircraft crew members continued to search for potential survivors, Issy said.

The US Border Guard did not immediately respond to inquiries regarding capsizing. A press conference was scheduled.

Border guards often find Pangas off the coast of San Diego, many of which are crowded with about 20 passengers. Some have landed hundreds of miles north of the US-Mexico border. Death is rare, but not unprecedented.

On Thursday, border authorities intercepted a Panga-type vessel traveling without navigation lights, 11 miles from Point Loma, where 21 people are on board. The crew detained 15 men and 6 women.

According to a statement released by the Customs and Border Protection, all agents have determined that they are Mexican citizens without legal status to enter the United States. The two suspected smugglers on the boat will face federal crime, he said.

Border guards on Friday said law enforcement officials would step up operations this weekend to thwart maritime smuggling off San Diego.

There is a misconception that when a warm climate comes to San Diego, it will make illegal crossings safer or easier, officials said in a statement.

Two people died and 23 hospitalized after boat capsized off San Diego | San Diego

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