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Two popular Colorado waterways are shut down amid raging currents, large number of rescues – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-06-10 06:10:00 –

Western slopes face dangerous droughts, but urban streams and river corridors along the front range run so fast that authorities have closed parts of the Poodle River and Clear Creek on the water. Limiting people.

In Fort Collins, the Poodle Fire Department rescued more than 12 people last month. Debris accumulates in the river, creating tubers, rafters, and kayak traps.

“Our first river rescue took place on May 1st, and since then there have been (total) 18 rescues, which is quite a lot for the whole season, not to mention a month,” said Poudre Fire. A spokeswoman, Annie Bierbower, said. Authority.

Melting snow from the mountains usually speeds dangerously cold water through the river, but the vast majority of people rescued this season are unaware of the danger or “prepare well for the power of the river.” I haven’t. “

“It takes a lot of equipment, skill and knowledge to navigate this cold river, so powerful,” she said.

As of Wednesday, the Poodle River was flowing at about 2,600 cubic feet per second, according to data from the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. Already considered “extreme” by the Poudre Fire Authority, state data show that rivers usually peak higher than current velocities during spring outflows.

Most of the people in need of help so far this season have been stuck in a pile of debris, Some of them came from Cameron Peak’s burn scarsSaid Bierbower.

On Monday, three tubers were rescued after being left behind in a pile of debris. A little downstream, two rafters were also rescued.

Earlier this week Authorities restricted access to the Poodle River coastline between North Shields River access and the Sariya Natural area We closed parking lots at Legacy Park and North Shields River Access to reduce the number of people on the water.

She said the condition of the river could remain dangerous for the next few weeks as the snow melts from the mountains and flows into the river.

“It’s summer and it’s hot and people want to enjoy our beautiful natural resources, but now it’s not safe to float or boat on this part of the Poodle River,” said Fort Collins police. Assistant Chief Christie Boreskey said. news release. “We will continue to work with our local partners to inform the community, reduce dangerous activities and prevent tragedy.”

Golden police restricted access along Clear Creek, which came into effect on Tuesday, to people, body surfers, and swimmers floating on inner tube or single-chamber rafts. Kayaks, whitewater canoes, multi-chamber professional-guided rafts, riverboards and stand-up paddleboards are exempt, but authorities are paying close attention to the fast water movement.

Authorities enact restrictions from the US 6 Bridge over Clear Creek to Banover Park after two “horrible scenarios” in which two children crossing the river were attacked by the current Deputy Police Chief of Golden. I decided. Joe Harvey said. Neither child was injured, but a boy was pulled by a nearby dam and flowed into private land.

He said river limits also depend on river flow (currently in the “high risk range” of 800 to 1000 cubic feet per second) and temperatures currently in their 40s. He added that similar restrictions were enacted in Golden most years.

“If you stay in the water for a long time, hypothermia may start and your athletic performance may become useless. If you are sucked into the water and you are trying to get out of yourself, the water is cold and you will soon get out of it. You can breathe in the air, “Harvey said.

Poodle River White Water Park was not ashamed of its name on Wednesday, June 9, 2021. White Water Park is open, but access to the Poodle River coastline between North Shield River Access and Sarria Natural Area is closed (Valery Mosley, Colorado Special) Sun)

Underwater branches can also pull people down, and large rocks can slice open hands and feet, he said.

According to a police news release, you must wear a Coast Guard-approved paddling life jacket and a water-based helmet. According to police, a $ 100 fine could be imposed if a reproduction in a restricted area is found.

“I think it really surprises people,” Harvey said of the speed of water, which is expected to increase as the snow continues to melt in the next few days. “People don’t think water can take them off their feet, and how quickly it can pull you down not only in the water but also downstream.”

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Two popular Colorado waterways are shut down amid raging currents, large number of rescues Source link Two popular Colorado waterways are shut down amid raging currents, large number of rescues

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