Two suspects in custody over triple homicide near Holmen – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-07-29 18:17:21 –

Two suspects have been detained in lacrosse in a triple murder in Hamilton last Friday. Kamsanes Ratanasak and Nya Sao were arrested Wednesday night and Thursday morning in various parts of northern Wisconsin, according to a press conference by La Crosse County Sheriff Jeff Wolf.

Three victims, Nemo Yang, Peng Lor, and Trevor Maloney, were discovered on July 23 at 4:57 am when two employees arrived at work at the entrance to the Milestone Quarry. ..

According to investigators, the murder occurred on a stolen credit card of more than $ 600, which Ratanasak believed to be owned by Yang or Rho.

Both Sao and Ratanasak appeared in court earlier today and were charged with three counts: one murder and possession of a felony firearm.

According to Lacrosse County Sheriff Jeff Wolf, information leading to the arrest of Ratanasak and Sao was provided by a female witness who was with the victim at the time of the murder, leading to a major interruption in the case.

Witnesses were all three victims staying at a hotel near Onalaska, stopping at another hotel to unload some items. After that, Ratanasak and Sao approached four people in the parking lot. Ratanasak had a gun and told the man to enter his Mercedes while Sao entered the witness’s car. Sao told witnesses to follow them where they were led to a milestone quarry outside Hamilton. Ratanasak instructed the victims to kneel and handed Sao a gun, where she shot the three victims multiple times. Both Ratanasak and Sao fled the scene, leaving behind witnesses who fled shortly thereafter.

Witnesses have not yet been nominated, and her relationship with the victims and suspects is unknown at this time. According to Sheriff Wolf, witnesses are kept in a safe place.

The case may be related to the gang, as both the victim and the suspect were potential members of two common rival gangs in the area.

According to Sheriff Jeff Wolf, “Investigators believe that some of the victims and suspects were potentially members of true Asian blood and Crazy Hmong boys.”

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