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Two-time Paralympian uses his platform to inspire others – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-06-13 11:51:05 –

Colorado Springs — Tyler “TC” Carter started skiing at the age of eight. He developed his passion for sports early on, but he didn’t have to overcome the obstacles he almost always knew.

At just one year, TC lost his right leg under his knee. But he doesn’t slow him down. Instead, he proved to be an elite athlete who could overcome adversity. TC is a two-time Alpine skier Paralympic athlete and is currently training for the 2022 Beijing Olympics. He arrives at the gym before 6am and lives mainly in sports. When I’m not training, I work at the Olympic and Paralympic Museum. He says his second passion is to share his story in the hope that he can inspire others.

“There are days I don’t want to do, but to be honest, I know there are a lot of people who helped me on this trip. There are a lot of people I’m trying to be a role model. You know. It really promotes being healthy and active, as I do. I don’t want to disappoint them. Of course, I want to go out and win medals and I want to do well to represent the country, but that’s it. Not, “Carter said.

“Skiing has always been a fun experience for me, something, a sense of freedom, and it’s so cool because I’m trying to get out and go as fast as possible. That’s what I enjoy, probably everyone. I’m definitely a little crazy, but everyone has a hobby or interest, and mine happens to be throwing himself into the mountains, “Carter said. ..

TC is also giving back to the community through non-profit activities. His primary goal is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. But it’s not without a bit of balance. TC says he is a big fan of soul-friendly ice cream.

TC is a big fan of Captain America, and in his Instagram Bio he calls himself Captain America on one leg. We support him here in Colorado Springs as he continues to be a role model for people who want to play sports and live a healthy life.

Two-time Paralympian uses his platform to inspire others Source link Two-time Paralympian uses his platform to inspire others

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