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Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-07-20 13:51:08 –

Virginia Crew (WRIC) —Two Virginia police officers are facing dismissals after posting what the police chief calls inappropriate videos on social media platform TikTok.

On Monday night, the Crewtown Council held a hearing, allowing police officers to speak on their side of the story. A dozen people have gone to the crew police station to assist these officers, saying that these inappropriate videos should not be a good reason to dismiss them.

Police officers Caleb Rafati and Rondell White face dismissals from police stations despite telling WRIC that they withdrew “inappropriate” videos months before the former police chief asked them. doing.

“The end is a bit overkill,” Lafferty told WRIC on Monday.

A little over 12 crew citizens expressed concern at a hearing of two police officers facing dismissals on Monday. (Photo: WRIC Reporter Sabrina Shutters)

Police officers said the new police chief, Alfredo Ferrer, has implemented a new social media policy and the video violates it.

“The current situation, such as racism, is trying to show people that different cultures are fused, enjoyable and a little darker. Humor,” White said.

Crew resident Alex Trim protested Monday and commented on the situation.

“I don’t want to see two cops who care so much about this community for being as stupid as making a comedy video,” he said.

At a hearing on Monday, town manager Brian Thrower immediately stopped asking questions from the media and the general public after residents asked why the hearing wasn’t announced so often.

When asked why WRIC was notified about 30 minutes before the hearing began, Thrower said, “We will follow state procedures for notification.”

Crew police officers Rondell White and Calebrafati (left-to-right) talk to WRIC as they face a dismissal from their standpoint before the hearing on Monday. (Photo: WRIC Reporter Sabrina Shutters)

After Blackstone resident Chris Page asked Thrower why he wasn’t given the three-day notice required by the general public, Thrower immediately said, “I’ll ask you all the questions.” Said and left the building.

Page told WRIC that he is an advocate of the Information Disclosure Act and will file a proceeding on Tuesday for lack of proper notice of the meeting.

The town council took no action on Monday, allowing police officers to find a lawyer before the next hearing. Officers will continue to take paid leave until then.

If those cops are fired, it leaves the crew town with two cops.

Two Virginia police officers on administrative leave after posting ‘inappropriate’ TikTok videos Source link Two Virginia police officers on administrative leave after posting ‘inappropriate’ TikTok videos

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