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Two years after Virginia Beach mass shooting, police chaplain reflects on the healing process – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-05-28 14:57:14 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) — Two years after the shootings shook Virginia Beach employees and the surrounding area, police ministers said it was clear that healing wasn’t over yet. ..

Roger Gautier was a pastor of Virginia Beach Police Department 1 and was part of a team of pastors who responded to the shootings.

To this day, it still weighs heavily on the minds of officers.

“Actually every day. It came every day with a colleague’s minister and a passing police officer,” Gautier said.

Photographed by utility engineer Dwayne Cradock on May 31, 2019 12 people were killed and 4 were seriously injured He committed suicide in a gun battle with police in Building 2 of the city’s municipal center.

The policeman also hit one of the Cradock bullets. He was saved by a bulletproof vest.

Gauthier was at Centara Virginia Beach General Hospital for another job when he learned of the news of the shooting. Shortly thereafter, he saw the image he said would remain in him for as long as he was alive.

“Several of the injured came to the hospital in Gurney. I was watching the number of text messages continue to grow from number to nine … it wasn’t the only thing I was interested in. City.” Said Gautier.

As a pastor, Gauthier is a trained volunteer who provides care for police officers, police officers, and their families.

On the day of the shoot, the work expanded to talk to family members who arrived at the hospital hoping that their loved ones would come.

“Our job was to find out from the staff if the patient was there,” Gautier said. “It was very difficult and very difficult because I wanted to help them right away and be able to say that their loved ones were there or that their loved ones were okay. , Knowing that when I sent them to the reintegration center, their family wasn’t in the hospital, so when they arrived (at the reintegration center) they would probably face worse news Was definitely difficult.

No motive for the slaughter has been found. Some might think that finding a “reason” would put an end to a family who lost a loved one, but Gautier wouldn’t, if two years could teach him something. ..

“Closing seems to be an Americanized term. We adopted what we’ve heard over and over again,” Gautier said. “I would say there really isn’t a closure.”

No police officer was seriously injured, but Gautier said he was guilty of anyone stationed in District 1 in front of Building 2.

“They responded quickly, but there is always” I should have done more. ” It’s part of the essence of human beings and part of the way we try to help them, “Gautier said. “Allows people to speak without interruption and without intervention. Allowing them to speak is allowing them to hear their story. And their story changes or does not change. Is it? “

Gauthier believes that this method can help those who are still suffering from tragedy.

“What I can offer is to express our needs to each other, find a safe place, talk about things, and not hide or oppress things,” Gautier said. “Now, humanity is each other. It’s time to be kind to each other. It’s not time to judge each other. It’s not time to impose our belief system on someone. It’s time to walk with others. ”

Two years after Virginia Beach mass shooting, police chaplain reflects on the healing process Source link Two years after Virginia Beach mass shooting, police chaplain reflects on the healing process

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