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Fresno, California 2021-08-03 18:38:04 –

Arlington, Virginia-Tyson Foods will require all US employees to be vaccinated with COVID-19, making it one of the first major employers of frontline workers in the resurgence of the virus.

Microsoft also announced on Tuesday that it will require all employees, vendors and visitors to US offices to certify vaccinations from September, following similar actions recently taken by Google and Facebook. Microsoft also plans to return to work between September and October 4, while giving some employees the flexibility to continue working from home, including parents of children who are not vaccinated. Was postponed.

Vaccination obligations are gaining attention among employers, but many companies that employ them have a workforce that can be easily migrated to remote areas.

Tyson’s announcement is important, as many companies that rely on large, low-income workforces have far refused to require vaccines for front-line workers.

Tyson, one of the world’s largest food companies, said leadership team members need to be vaccinated by September 24 and the rest of office workers by October 1. The company said details are under negotiation with the union.

A little less than half of the US workforce (about 56,000 employees) has been vaccinated after the company has held more than 100 vaccination events since February, the company said. The company in Springfield, Arkansas will continue these events and offer a $ 200 bonus to all front-line workers vaccinated.

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The United Food and Commercial Workers’ Union, which represents Tyson’s workers, has criticized the company for imposing requirements, even though the vaccine has only received urgent approval from the Food and Drug Administration. UFCW International President Mark Perone said the union “will meet with the company over the next few weeks to ensure that the rights of these workers are protected and that this policy is implemented fairly.”

“We supported and encouraged workers vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus and actively encouraged members to do so, but Tyson made this obligation before the FDA fully approved the vaccine. I’m concerned about doing so, “Perone said in a prepared statement.

In a note to employees, Tyson CEO Donnie King warns of the rise of the Delta variant and needs vaccine requirements to overcome persistent hesitation to take shots. Clarified.

“We didn’t downplay this decision. We spent months recommending vaccination to our team members. Today, less than half of our team members are vaccinated.” King writes.

Tyson, with brands such as Jimmy Dean and Hilshire Farm, tackled the deadly outbreak of the virus in the factory and faced proceedings from the families of some workers. According to Tyson, the number of infections in factories is now low after the company has spent $ 700 million to strengthen worker protection.

Other companies, including Amazon, Wal-Mart, and major grocery chains, have so far vaccinated front-line workers to avoid fostering labor tightness and sustained worker turnover. I refuse to make it mandatory. Instead, companies continue to offer information campaigns, bonuses, vacations and other incentives.

Many unions are also firmly opposed to mandating vaccines for workers.

With the proliferation of Delta variants, some companies are encouraging workers (including those who are vaccinated) to be obliged to mask, following new guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Members of General Motors, Ford and Stellantis must return to wearing masks regardless of vaccination status, a decision announced Tuesday by the Task Force, a representative of both companies and the United Auto Workers. by. The move comes less than a month after vaccinated union workers are allowed to take off their masks.

The Task Force encourages all workers to be vaccinated so that mask requirements can be ultimately relaxed.

However, 397,000 United Auto Workers spokesman Brian Rosenberg opposes vaccination requirements because some have religious or health concerns about vaccination. Said.

Still, stricter vaccine regulations for both workers and customers are drawing attention among restaurants, bars, and some major entertainment companies. Some employers, including the federal government and some states and local governments, require unvaccinated workers to withstand weekly tests and have not reached full obligations.

In Las Vegas, MGM Resorts International has announced that unvaccinated employees will have to pay $ 15 to be tested for the virus onsite or to be tested offsite for results. The company also said that if unvaccinated employees test positive for the virus, they will not be paid quarantine leave.

MGM Resorts has conducted several vaccination clinics and provided employees with incentives, including lottery, to win hotel stays and prizes such as cash. However, President and CEO Bill Hornbuckle complained about the low vaccination coverage in the area and begged employees to take shots.

“Low vaccination rates in our area are putting us on the road to hospital overshoots, unnecessary deaths, reduced tourists, and layoffs and the possibility of layoffs,” said Hornbuckle. I am writing. “None of us wants it.”

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