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“Early investigations revealed potential motivations associated with Islamic extremists,” a police statement said.

A photo of Sir David Amess will be displayed during a rally held at the Catholic Church of St. Peter, following the puncture wound of Sir David Amess, a British Conservative lawmaker who met with members on Friday. Dunkit Wood / Getty Images

London — A long-time Conservative British lawmaker died after meeting voters in his home church building after being stabbed many times in a Friday attack.

Police said a 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder and the knife was recovered. Authorities did not reveal the identity of the man. However, early Saturday, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Counterterrorism Department officially declared the incident as an act of terrorism.

“Early investigations revealed potential motivations associated with Islamic extremists,” a police statement said, adding that he believed the man acted alone.

“At this point, we are not looking for anyone else in connection with the case,” the statement said. “As part of the investigation, police officers are currently investigating at two addresses in the London area, which are underway.”

David Amess, 69, who represented Essex’s Southend West, met locals about an hour’s drive east of London when he was killed. According to police, Ames was treated at the scene of the assault, where she died.

Fellow politicians have accused Ames of killing as horrifying. Ames is the second British parliamentarian to be killed during a meeting with parliamentarians since 2016, calling for parliamentarians to need more security. On social media, many wondered if the more partisan England was vulnerable to this type of violence. Other lawmakers have been physically attacked, and many have been screamed and harassed as they entered and exited the Palace of Westminster.

“This is a shock wave to the parliamentary community and the whole country,” said Speaker of the House Lindsay Hoyle. “In the next few days, we need to discuss and consider MP security and what to do.”

Mixing legislators with their members is an important tradition here, and British politicians are often found in charitable events, school plays, local sporting events, and pubs. However, how much security should be provided when on the go has long been debated.

In the murder of Ames, the Daily Mail tabloid reported: “”

Ames was a member of parliament and a five-year-old married father. He was a royalist and a Brexit cheer who saw Britain leave the European Union. He was a leading Conservative speaker who demanded a ban on fox hunting, supported animal welfare law, opposed abortion, and supported Israel.

The attack recalls the 2016 killing of Labor Party member Jo Cox (41), who died after being shot and stabbed by white supremacist and extreme nationalist Thomas Alexander Mare, who supported the neo-Nazi idealism. Stirred. Mare was sentenced to life imprisonment for his crimes. Another Labor lawmaker, Stephen Timms, was stabbed in a 2010 attack but survived.

Jo Cox’s widow, Brendan Cox, tweeted about the attack on Friday. “My thoughts and love are in David’s family. They are all important now. This brings everything back. Not only pain, loss, but how much the masses tell us following Joe’s loss. Did you give love? I hope David can do the same. “

Last Friday, Cox called the attack on the elected representatives an “attack on democracy itself.” There is no excuse or justification. It’s as timid as it gets. “

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the country was listening to the news in shock and sadness, and Ames was one of the “kindest” people in politics. Throughout Britain, “RIP David Amess” was all the rage on social media as the stunned British praised him.

The flag was lowered to a half-mast at 10 Downing Street. One lawmaker recalled that Ames was “friendly, always cheerful, always kind and generous,” while another simply called the attack “unforgivable.”

Carrie Johnson, the prime minister’s wife and former Conservative communications officer, called the attack “absolutely devastating news.” She added that Ames is known to be “very kind and good”, a “true gentleman” and a “giant animal lover”.

Labor leader Angela Rayner said she was “feared” by the puncture wound. Former British Prime Minister David Cameron called the news “very alarming and worried.”

British lawmakers meet regularly to discuss public issues, personal needs and complaints. Ames posted online on Tuesday that she plans to hold her next meeting with locals on Friday at the Belfairs Methodist Church in Leonsee.

Ames was awarded the Order of the Knights in 2015 by Queen Elizabeth II for many years of political and public service.

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