U.S. authorities along the southern border stopped immigrants 209,000 times in August

U.S. officials stationed along the southern border reportedly stopped immigrants about 209,000 times in August after a slight slowdown in illegal entry after hitting a 21-year high last month. rice field. Government data Released on Wednesday.

According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statistics, unauthorized migration to the US-Mexico border remained at a very high level towards the end of the summer, when immigrant anxiety historically declined due to the heat. I did.

Adults of a single immigrant, who are more likely to cross the border multiple times, have been suspended more than 103,000 times. This is a 7% decrease from July. Approximately 75% of them were quickly expelled to Mexico under the Trump-era public health edict maintained by the Biden administration.

The number of unaccompanied immigrant children custody at the US border in August also fell slightly from the July record high. Last month, more than 18,800 unaccompanied minors, most of whom were from Central America, gained US custody.

As required by the Anti-Trafficking Act, the Biden administration has transferred unaccompanied children other than Mexicans to government-supervised shelters and exempted them from expulsion during the Trump era.

Encounters with migrant families with children in August increased by 4% from the previous month. US authorities have detained more than 86,000 parents and children traveling as a family, allowing 80% of them to seek US humanitarian protection. The rest were banished under the Public Health Act known as Title 42.

The number of migrants and asylum seekers migrating across Central America’s North Triangle and Mexico also surged in August, accounting for 29% of total anxiety.Many of them are from Ecuador, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, and tens of thousands of citizens. Coronavirus pandemic..

The surge in immigrant encounters this summer is significant to the Biden administration, which has been accused of loose border enforcement policies by Republican critics and not quickly reversing Trump-era asylum restrictions by progressive activists. It has brought about logistic, humanitarian and political challenges.

With the surge in immigrants, the Biden administration has enacted a new policy to increase the prosecution of cross-border people, resume the rapid deportation of some families, and expel Central American immigrants deep into Mexico.

It also Big retreat In a federal court that demanded that the Biden administration begin a process to revive the Trump-era border policy, which had previously been accused of being infectious and inhumane.

As the Supreme Court refused to suspend the August decision by a federal judge in Texas, U.S. border authorities require asylum seekers to wait outside the United States, a so-called “stay in Mexico” program. Is legally required to revive. Their court hearing.

Since the start of the year, which began in October 2020, US authorities along the southern border have caused anxiety for more than 1.5 million immigrants, the government said figures in Mexico under title 42.

According to CBP, 25% of border security in August was related to immigrants previously detained and expelled from the United States.

U.S. authorities along the southern border stopped immigrants 209,000 times in August

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