U.S. automakers and UAW reinstate face mask requirements at all factories

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David Shepherdson

Detroit’s Big Three Automaker and the United Auto Workers (UAW) said on Tuesday that they would reinstate the requirement to wear masks in all US factories, offices and warehouses starting Wednesday, but require workers to be vaccinated. Not.

The move corresponds to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) changing the COVID-19 guidance on masks for fully vaccinated people associated with delta variants, General Motors, Ford Motor Company. , Chrysler’s pro-Stellantis NV jointly stated a statement with the union.

Toyota Motor Corp. said it would come into effect on Wednesday and would reinstate mask requirements at almost all US facilities, with the exception of two facilities in Michigan in the county with medium transmission speeds.

Nissan also said Tuesday that it would reinstate mask requirements for all US employees. Volkswagen AG said it needed a mask at its US facility at the COVID-19 hotspot, and Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz US unit said it had reinstated mask requirements at its US plant late last week.

The UAW does not support requiring all workers to be vaccinated with COVID-19, and US automakers do not require vaccination. Unions and automakers strongly encourage workers to be vaccinated.

“We are encouraging all UAW members and their families to be vaccinated. Science shows very clearly that the only way to get back to normal is to raise the level of immunity.” UAW President Lakery told members on Tuesday. .. “But we also know that there are religious and health reasons for not being vaccinated.”

The CDC said last week that fully vaccinated people would need to wear masks indoors in public spaces where the COVID-19 community has a fairly high or high infection rate. The CDC said on Monday that nearly 80% of US counties are currently at these levels.

In June, US automakers and the UAW announced that fully vaccinated workers at US factories would not need to wear masks for work starting July 12.

Not only other companies, but also federal, state, and local governments are putting more pressure on individuals to get vaccinated. New York City said Tuesday that people engaged in indoor activities such as eating, exercising in the gym, and watching shows would need vaccination more

Meat packaging company Tyson Foods will require workers to be vaccinated against COVID and join companies such as Walt Disney Company and Wal-Mart Inc. to set such requirements on part of the workforce. more

US President Joe Biden has ordered federal workers to be vaccinated or regularly inspected.

Report by David Shepherdson. Additional report by Joe White. Edited by David Gregorian and David Holmes.

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