U.S. Church Officials Resign After Press Dismisses him as Grindr User Using Phone Data | U.S. News

The chief administrator of the American Catholic Bishops’ Council resigned because mobile phone data revealed that he frequently uses the queer dating app Grindr and visits gay bars on a regular basis. Did.

so statement Announced on Tuesday, the organization announced that Monsignor’s Jeffrey Brill has resigned as general secretary after learning of “imminent media coverage claiming the possibility of improper behavior.”

Burrill has been the top administrator of the organization since November last year. As General Secretary, he was responsible for coordinating all administrative tasks and planning meetings, a national network for Catholic bishops.

Pillar, a Catholic media outlet, first detected Burrill’s activity by obtaining device location data from a data vendor before hiring a consulting firm to analyze the records.

“According to a commercial record of app signal data obtained by The Pillar, mobile devices associated with Burrill will be available from the location-based hookup app Grindr almost daily during some of 2018, 2019, and 2020. A data signal has been sent. ”Pillar report.. “The data app signal suggests that he was also engaged in continuous and illegal sexual activity at the same time,” he added.

In addition, the data obtained by the pillars clearly In June 2018, “Mobile devices have been associated with Burrill radiation signals from Entourage, which claims to be the’gay baths’ in Las Vegas.”

As a priest, Brill needs to make a bachelorette vow. In addition, many Catholic teachings consider sexual activity other than heterosexual marriage to be sinful.

Currently, there is no federal law prohibiting the purchase of “anonymized” data. Nonetheless, privacy experts have repeatedly expressed concern about such data collected by the app and shared with advertising companies.

You can omit explicit information such as name and phone number, but the anonymized data may contain other important information such as gender, age, and device ID.As a result, some researchers maintain Data anonymization is virtually impossible.

Grindr has Description Pillar’s report was “homophobia” and denied that the data could be accessed publicly. “Activities allegedly described in blog posts without that attribute are technically infeasible and very unlikely to occur,” a Grindr spokeswoman said. I will.

Rev. James Martin, a Jesuit priest and prominent supporter of the inclusion of LGBTQ in the Catholic Church, also criticized the pillar investigation.

so Facebook statement, Martin writes: “Articles … I’ve repeatedly confused homosexuality with pedophilia … These witch hunts are usually aimed at vulnerable people working in church, or those who the author disagrees with, or simply dislikes.”

U.S. Church Officials Resign After Press Dismisses him as Grindr User Using Phone Data | U.S. News

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