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U.S. Department of Commerce Awards $1.6M to Louisiana’s Smartport Initiative – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-06-10 09:16:31 –

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Baton Rouge (Press Release) — Governor John Bel Edwards announced that the SmartPort Initiative in Louisiana has received a $ 1.6 million grant from the US Department of Economic Development. The federal award is consistent with $ 1.4 million from state and port partners for a $ 3 million project to enhance the port of the Mississippi River in Louisiana with next-generation maritime technology.

“With the SmartPort initiative, Louisiana plays a major role in bringing technical efficiency to maritime commerce,” said Edwards. “Louisiana are keenly aware of the important role the Mississippi River will play in our history, financial success, and future. This grant from the US Department of Economic Development, they too, in the wider US economy. Make sure you understand the role of safe and efficient river-based transportation. With the support of riverside ports, the SmartPort program helps set new standards for safety and emergency management. I will. “

First announced in July 2020, the SmartPort initiative aims to streamline operations and improve safety through real-time data shared by port managers, tenants, shippers, warehousing, freight and land transportation providers. I am aiming for it. This program comprehensively assesses navigation along the Mississippi River, coastal issues and flood risk. In addition, the program will ultimately support the efforts of the proposed river conversion project. Ports of New Orleans, South Louisiana, and Greater Baton Rouge, along with other ports and warehouses along the lower Mississippi River, are key LED partners to support the project.

“President Biden promises to unleash the full power of the federal government to ensure that our country not only recovers from this pandemic, but also better,” said US Secretary of Commerce Gina M.・ Lymond said. “SmartPort uses data and analytics to improve business continuity and readiness, enabling ports in Louisiana to respond to disasters and prepare for future economic challenges.”

The SmartPort program includes decision support tools for predicting waves and shallows at port facilities along the Mississippi River. It assists in port operation and navigation. The Real-Time Shoaling Forecast Tool is part of weather, river and road traffic analysis, improving port efficiency and supporting ports from the threat of natural disasters and economic uncertainty. SmartPort is built on the work being done for the Shoaling Forecast Tool founded by the Port of New Orleans.

“The Institute is honored to partner with Louisiana, the world-class network of Mississippi River ports, and SmartPort’s Department of Economic Development,” said Justin Ehrenworth, President and CEO of the Water Institute. “Together, we create innovative new tools, leveraging decades of knowledge and investment to manage the Mississippi River for navigation, flood risk mitigation, and coastal restoration purposes. We look forward to sharing this knowledge with our state and federal partners as it brings a holistic view to the river. ”

In addition to the major ports of New Orleans, South Louisiana, and Greater Baton Rouge, the announced grant will help launch the SmartPort program at Lake Providence’s port in Madison, St. Bernard. Bernard and Plaque Mins. Development of the initiative requires contract support, and the request for proposal is planned for back-end platform developers in the near future. The completed SmartPort program will be online in early 2022.

“The Port of New Orleans is grateful for the support of the US Department of Commerce and a $ 1.6 million grant,” said Brandy D. Christian, President and CEO of the Port of New Orleans. “Partners of the SmartPort Initiative recognize the Mississippi River as an important economic artery that provides economic benefits to the state and the country as a whole. Strategic applications of SmartPort’s analytical techniques better understand river behavior. While helping to take advantage of commercial opportunities more completely and safely. Thanks to Governor Edwards for leadership in all maritime projects, as this important initiative grows, SmartPort Partner Louisiana Economic Development and We look forward to working with the Gulf Water Research Institute. ”

“SmartPort is an innovative idea that enhances the ease and attraction of business on the Mississippi River,” said Paul Aucoin, Executive Director of the Port of South Louisiana.

U.S. Department of Commerce Awards $1.6M to Louisiana’s Smartport Initiative Source link U.S. Department of Commerce Awards $1.6M to Louisiana’s Smartport Initiative

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