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President Joe Biden wants a 90-day sprint to understand its origins. Coronavirus pandemic According to government officials, additional computer analysis was needed that might shed light on the mystery after intelligence officials told the White House that there was plenty of evidence that hadn’t been investigated yet.

Officials refused to explain the new evidence. However, the exposure that they want to apply an extraordinary amount of computer power to the question of whether the virus was accidentally leaked from a Chinese laboratory has revealed that the government is working in Chinese communications and laboratories The movement suggests that the database of patterns may not have been exhausted. The spread of the virus around Wuhan City.

In addition to organizing scientific resources, Biden’s promotion has uncovered existing information such as interception, witnesses, and biological evidence in U.S. allies and intelligence agencies, and has the Chinese government concealed accidental leaks? Intended to look for a new intelligence agency to determine if.

Biden promised to publish the results of the review on Thursday, but added a warning “unless I’m not aware of it.”

His call for research has national and international political implications. As a result, his critics claimed that the president had rejected the possibility of the institute’s origin until the Chinese government refused further investigation by the World Health Organization this week. Haus said he hopes that US allies will be more willing to contribute to a serious investigation of what they previously considered unlikely and, at worst, a conspiracy theory.

Efforts to collect evidence from intercepted communications in China, which is notorious for being difficult to invade, have had little success. Active and former intelligence officials say they strongly suspect that no one can find emails, text messages, or documents that show evidence of an accident in the lab.

One ally reported that in the fall of 2019, three workers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were hospitalized with serious symptoms such as the flu. Lab Viruses — They may have brought it there.

The White House wants its allies and partners to use a network of human sources to find additional information about what happened within the lab. The United States is rebuilding its own source of information in China, but has not yet fully recovered from the elimination of its domestic network 10 years ago. As a result, it will be an important part of future intelligence activities for allies to put pressure on informants about what is happening inside the Wuhan Institute of Virginology.

A senior Biden administration official said the investigation was not stalled. Authorities do not explain the type of computational analysis they want to do.

Government and intelligence officials say it’s as much a scientist’s job as a spy to try to figure out how the pandemic was unleashed. The Biden administration has been working to improve its scientific expertise in the National Intelligence Council. Government officials told espionage agencies that science-oriented departments that have been working on the issue for months will play an important role in revitalizing the investigation.

The new investigation will also utilize federal national laboratories and other scientific resources that were not previously directly involved in intelligence, officials said.

Biden’s announcement to request reports from the intelligence community included an element of showmanship.

When it comes to domestic politics, he’s trying to take the initiative on issues that Republicans have long focused on. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas said the coronavirus could have happened accidentally from the Wuhan Institute. He has long claimed to be sexual, saying that Biden’s orders were “better than never late, but far from enough.”

And internationally, Mr. Biden called on China to hesitate to cooperate in the investigation, not only pressured the Chinese government to change policy, but also accidentally leaked the coronavirus from the institute to its allies. He also urged them to focus their intelligence on investigating the theory of potential.

Intelligence agencies, like scientists and the general public, remain uncertain about the origin of the coronavirus. No definitive information has been revealed, and some active and former officials have warned that more information could be collected in 90 days. The Director of National Intelligence will submit a report before the end of the summer, but the investigation is likely to be extended.

On Wednesday, General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters that he did not see conclusive evidence of the cause of the pandemic, but supported efforts to investigate further. “The amount of death, pain and suffering experienced in this pandemic is enormous,” he said. “We need to know the origin and we need to know how this happened.”

Efforts to uncover the origin of the coronavirus began over a year ago during the Trump administration. However, some officials are cautious about President Donald Trump’s motives, saying that his interest in the origin of the pandemic is either to distract criticism from his administration’s response or to punish China. Insisted.

Current officials say the central goal of the new intelligence campaign is to improve preparedness for future pandemics. As a result, this week’s Biden message has been adjusted to leave the possibility of future cooperation with China open.

The White House’s dissatisfaction with China has increased after the Chinese government announced this week that it would not participate in additional WHO investigations. Biden administration officials said that if the new investigation did not provide an answer, it was due to China’s lack of transparency.

But the administration is not trying to isolate China, but is cautious between pressured to cooperate with Beijing and demonstrating that the United States will step up its own investigation in the absence of China. I’m trying to draw a line.

Government officials also believe that new investigations and China’s obstruction of WHO will create opportunities to strengthen information cooperation with its allies.

Allies have provided information since the pandemic began, according to one official. However, some, including British intelligence, are skeptical of Labreak theory. Other countries, including Australia, are more open.

As members of the so-called Five Eyes Partnership, the United Kingdom and Australia already share widespread intelligence with the United States. However, new intelligence reviews could urge allies to focus more on the issue of laboratory leaks, as China becomes increasingly dissatisfied with not working with WHO.

British officials declined to comment. The request for comment from the Australian Government was not immediately returned.

Biden said in a statement Wednesday that two intelligence agencies believed the virus was most likely spontaneous, but at least one supported the theory that it was accidentally leaked from a Chinese laboratory. According to Mr. Biden, no one had high credibility in their reputation.

In a statement Thursday, Amanda Schoch, a spokesman for the Director-General of the National Intelligence Service, said intelligence agencies had gathered on two possible scenarios but had no credible assessment of the origin of the virus.

“US intelligence does not know exactly where, when, and how the COVID-19 virus was first transmitted,” Schoch said.

Eighteen institutions make up the intelligence community, but only a handful play a major role in assessing potential virus sources. Most of the broader information communities, including the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency, believe that even if they are not confident about their origin, they do not yet have enough information to draw conclusions.

The intelligence community “will continue to investigate all available evidence, consider different perspectives, and actively collect and analyze new information to identify the origin of the virus,” Schoch said. ..

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