U.S. investigates leaks of records showing that millionaires pay very little tax

US tax authorities have begun investigating the breach of personal records of millionaires such as Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Mike Bloomberg and Elon Musk. tax Even if their wealth swells.

ProPublica It was published It’s the details of what’s called the “Huge Data of the Internal Revenue Service,” which covers more than 15 years of tax returns from thousands of wealthy Americans. Non-profit investigative journalism did not reveal the source of the leak.

The report states that a legitimate tax avoidance strategy allowed the 25 wealthiest Americans to pay just $ 13.6 billion in federal income tax in the five years to 2018, estimated at $ 401 billion.

Charles Retig National Tax Agency The commissioner said at a Senate Finance Committee hearing that authorities had begun an investigation to determine the cause of the leak. Said shared.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said that “illegal disclosure of sensitive government information by unauthorized persons” is “illegal” and “very serious”. She said the IRS He noted that he had referred the leak to the Ministry of Finance’s Tax Director, the FBI, and the US Law Office in the District of Columbia.

But Saki also does Leak further to ensure that “companies and individuals” are paying “more equitable shares” in taxes, as President Joe Biden suggested. He said he highlighted what he had to do.

Former New York Mayor and US presidential candidate Bloomberg has promised to use “all legal means” to reveal the source of the leak. The founder of the financial information group of the same name refuted the article’s premise, saying that it “strictly follows the wording and spirit of the law” and distributes about three-quarters of its annual income to taxes and charitable donations.

“Publishing an individual tax return should raise real privacy concerns, regardless of political affiliation or tax views,” he said in a statement. “Which individual or government agency We will use all free legal means to identify if they have leaked them and to ensure that they are liable. ”

Leak, some Democrats Defend taxes Instead of focusing on annual income that can be offset by deductions, borrowings, and investment losses, we focus on the total wealth of the wealthiest Americans.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill this spring that imposes a 2% tax on individuals with net worth over $ 50 million and an additional 1% on assets over $ 1 billion. President Joe Biden Proposed increase Tax rates on capital gains and dividends for those who earn over $ 1 million but do not support wealth tax.

Warren got the ProPublica report and wrote on Twitter that “it’s finally time to get the ultra-rich to pay a fair share.”

Morris Pearl, who chairs a group of wealthy activists to raise taxes on the wealthy, called the Patriotic Millionaire, said the report said that the wealthiest Americans “basically pay or don’t pay taxes.” You can choose between them. ”

He said the wealth tax and unrealized capital gains tax increases advocated by his group were “fringe ideas” when launched in 2010, but sentiment has changed and ProPublica’s disclosures May push up support further.

Bloomberg and Buffett have been one of the millionaires for several years seeking tax increases for the wealthiest Americans, but the economic divisions revealed by the pandemic have heightened their political interests.

ProPublica said it had decided to reveal the details, saying that “the public can only understand the reality of the country’s tax system by looking at the details.”

Ron WydenA Democrat in Oregon, who chairs the Senate Finance Committee, said in a ProPublica report that “the wealthiest people in the country who made huge profits during the pandemic are not paying a fair share.” He said it shows that.

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U.S. investigates leaks of records showing that millionaires pay very little tax

Source link U.S. investigates leaks of records showing that millionaires pay very little tax

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