U.S. investigating incidents involving border guards on horseback to disperse Haitians

The U.S. Department of Land Security promised to “quickly” investigate “very annoying” footage of Border Guard agents on horseback, who are actively diversifying Haitian immigrants, according to an internal investigation. He said it could lead to disciplinary action.

“The Department of Homeland Security does not tolerate the abuse of migrants under our control and we take these claims very seriously,” said a spokesman for the ministry. “The Office of Professional Responsibility of the US Department of Customs and Border Protection is investigating the issue and warns the DHS Inspector General.”

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas also instructed department officials to deploy in Del Rio, Texas, where border authorities perform duties “in line with applicable policies and training and departmental values.” I made sure to carry it out.

Over the weekend, the press took pictures and videos of border guard personnel grazing and tracking migrants across the Rio Grande near Del Rio, a small border guard in southwest Texas.

Some footage showed border guard agents with a lasso swaying on horseback while trying to block the passage of people across Haiti’s borders.

Haiti Immigrant Photo Gallery
US Customs and Border Protection police will attempt to contain immigrants crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico to Del Rio, Texas, on Sunday, September 19, 2021.

Felix Marquez / AP

of 1 videoA mounted agent tells a group of women and children and a flock of migrants, “This is why this is sh ** in your country because you use your woman for this.” I can hear you. Police officers repeatedly tried to block the man’s path.

The collection of photos and videos has caused a great deal of turmoil. White House spokesman Jen Psaki called the video “horrible” at a briefing on Monday, saying “no one who sees the footage would think it’s acceptable or appropriate.”

House Rep. Bennie Thompson, Democratic Chairman of the House of Representatives Land Security Commission, said the abuse of Haitian immigrants was “obstructive” and contrary to US values.

“I call on Secretary Mallorcus to take responsibility for the responsible person and take immediate action to ensure that all migrants are treated in accordance with law and basic dignity. This administration will do so from day one. I promised that, “said Thompson.

Defenders of asylum seekers were also wary.

“The image of a border guard officer on a horse chasing black migrants was horrifying,” said Lee Gelernt, an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer who has led a lawsuit against the expulsion of migrant families. ..

In just a few days, thousands of immigrants, most of them from Haiti, crossed the southern border near Del Rio, overwhelmed US border authorities, and set up a temporary immigration camp under an international bridge. I urged you to establish a land.

Mexican border immigration camp
Immigrants traveled across the Rio Grande River from Del Rio, Texas to Mexico to buy food and supplies before returning to the US side of the border on Sunday, September 19, 2021.

Felix Marquez / AP

With the rapid arrival of thousands of migrants and the emergence of large camps, the Biden administration has surged hundreds of border guards into Del Rio, forcing Haiti to recover from political turmoil and widespread anxiety. Announced the electric shock of the return flight. , August catastrophic poverty and deadly earthquake.

“This is certainly different from the other large-scale migrant movements we have observed,” Mallorcus said at a press conference in Del Rio on Monday.

ACLU lawyer Gerernt has expressed concern about deporting Haitians, including families with young children, without allowing the United States to demand asylum.

The Biden administration has used the public health authorities, colloquially known as Title 42, to “exile” immigrants without allowing them to apply for protection in the United States. The policy was first enacted in March 2020, but the Biden administration maintained it because of the continued epidemic of the coronavirus and 21 years of immigration insecurity.

Last week, the ACLU persuaded the judge to ban the government from using Title 42 to expel families with children. However, the judge suspended his order until September, and the Biden administration appealed it.

“The situation in Haiti’s family on the Del Rio Bridge dramatically shows what was barely visible until now, which is that the Biden administration is not really far from the Trump administration in asylum policy.” Gerelnt told CBS News.

U.S. investigating incidents involving border guards on horseback to disperse Haitians

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