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Washington — The White House announced Thursday that the United States has donated a 200 millionth COVID-19 shot to support vaccinations in other parts of the world. The Biden administration aims to lead a global vaccination campaign, despite deploying boosters for domestic use. Critics say it diverts the dose from people in greater need around the world.

The donated doses include more than 120 million surpluses from the US shot stockpile and the first delivery of a billion doses purchased by the Biden administration from Pfizer for overseas donations by September 2022. included. The United States is the dose, and the United States remains the largest vaccine provider in the world.

“These 200 million COVID-19 vaccinations have helped bring health and hope to millions of people, but our work is not done yet,” said Samantha of the United States Agency for International Development. Power states in a statement. “To end the pandemic and prevent the emergence of new variants and future outbreaks within the border, we must continue to play our part in supporting immunization to the world.”

Aid groups praise the United States for being the world leader in vaccine donations, but while many in low-income countries are completely unprotected, they approve booster doses for use in the United States. I criticize that I am. The Food and Drug Administration approved a booster dose of the Modana and Johnson & Johnson vaccines on Wednesday following approval for a third dose of Pfizer Shot last month.

“In reality, the more wealthy countries use booster shots, the less they can end the pandemic,” said Tom Hart, CEO of One Campaign. “Some argue that both booster administration and global vaccination are possible, but the simple fact is that boosters divert supply from areas of urgent need, the first in the world. Manage your shots. “

Half of the globe is vaccinated, but there are large geographic and wealth disparities. Most of the global shots are managed in high-income and middle-income countries.

U.S. marks 200M COVID-19 shots shared with world – The Denver Post Source link U.S. marks 200M COVID-19 shots shared with world – The Denver Post

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