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May is National Foster Month, and Idaho is focused on raising more foster parents.

It has always been difficult for the state to recruit as many foster parents as it needs to support its children. However, Julie Sevic, project manager for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, said the pandemic added another challenge.

She said the state relies on a recruitment coordinator who can talk directly to potential applicants at face-to-face events about the important needs of foster parents.

“During the two years we weren’t able to attend the event because it was canceled because of COVID, not only new foster parents, but also the number of inquiries dropped significantly,” says Sevcik.

According to the report, 1,500 foster parents became foster parents in 2020. Idaho Ministry of Health data.. It also mentions that 65 percent of children will eventually reunite with their families.

As the number of foster parents has declined over the years, Sevcik said pools can be difficult to find the best for small children.

She said it also presents other challenges for parents who are already raising children.

“We also struggle to provide those foster parents with a break during their placement,” Sevcik said. “To give them time to come back together as a family and prepare to accept another child at home.”

Sevcik said her agency will provide resources and training will be available to future foster parents, including mentors with experience in this area.

She said it could be a difficult task, but it’s also rewarding to see foster parents make the necessary changes for the biological family to reunite with their children.

“Foster parents are our absolute greatest asset. We will be able to meet the needs of children who cannot be safely managed by our biological family. And we do everything they do. will be grateful to.”

Source: Northern Rockies News Service

U.S. marks May as National Foster Care Month Source link U.S. marks May as National Foster Care Month

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