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U.S. mulls tighter COVID-19 mandates amid federal court blockades – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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New York, December 1 (Xinhua)-Joe Biden’s administration enters the United States, including returning Americans, to curb the spread of potentially dangerous Omicron variants of COVID-19, the leading US media Cited federal health authorities as saying they are preparing stricter testing requirements for all travelers.

According to the New York Times, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) plans to step up coronavirus testing and screening of international leaflets to the United States, with negative tests conducted within 24 hours of departure. Is demanding. Government officials are also considering the requirement that all travelers be re-examined within 3-5 days of arrival.

In addition, they are discussing a controversial proposal to require all travelers, including US citizens, to self-quarantine for seven days, even if the test results are negative. Those who ignore the requirements may be subject to fines and penalties, which will be linked to US traveler inspection and quarantine measures for the first time.

These stricter measures emerged when the federal COVID-19 mandate policy was simultaneously hit by a major legal setback. On Tuesday, the day after a federal judge in Missouri suspended mandates in 10 states with a January 4 deadline, the Biden administration gave millions of workers by federal judges in Kentucky and Louisiana. Enforcement of delegation of COVID-19 vaccine was temporarily blocked. ..

A federal judge in Louisiana has temporarily blocked the Medicare & Medicaid Service Center (CMS) from imposing vaccination obligations on health care workers until the court can resolve the legal issue. The ruling was applied nationwide, with the exception of the ten suspended states of Missouri.

Separately, a federal judge in Kentucky has blocked the government from enforcing a new government contract that requires contractor employees to be vaccinated. The contractor’s decision was applied in three proceedings: Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.Stringency and Liniency

The Pentagon said Tuesday that members of the National Guard who refused to be vaccinated against the coronavirus were banned from training and their salaries were withheld. Wednesday’s Washington Post (WP).

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued instructions the day after Republican Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt refused to request an exemption from the National Guard’s vaccine requirements. Stitt is the only governor to enact such a policy.

Austin said in his guidance that all 2.1 million military personnel, including the National Guard under state command, were obliged to comply with his August order to receive the vaccine. Failure to comply would result in disciplinary action and impair their career, he said.

In contrast, according to guidance sent to the union this week by the White House, federal officials who do not comply with their coronavirus vaccine obligations will face aggressive disciplinary action, including unpaid suspension and dismissal, at least until early next year. there is no.

According to the U.S. Government Employees’ Federation, government officials say that the agency will continue to provide counseling and education to about 3.5% of workers who have not been vaccinated or have not requested an exemption so far. I told the union.

The agency pursues only “education and counseling efforts throughout this holiday season as the first step in the enforcement process” and is possible for most employees who have not yet adhered to vaccination requirements until the new calendar. No further action is taken beyond the reprimanding letter, “the year begins in January.”

U.S. mulls tighter COVID-19 mandates amid federal court blockades Source link U.S. mulls tighter COVID-19 mandates amid federal court blockades

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