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TULSA, Oklahoma — Local businesses had the opportunity today to talk about how supply chain issues and staffing shortages are impacting them.

US Congressman Kevin Hahn (OK District 1) met with local manufacturers to discuss supply chain issues and what can be done about them.

“There is nothing more important to our community, the thriving community in our state, than to have jobs brought in by manufacturers and certainly well-paid jobs,” Hahn said.

Hern, the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance, the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce, and the Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce held a roundtable to address the concerns of Oklahoma manufacturers, including Broken Arrow companies such as Milo tea and Vacuworx.

They started by discussing supply chain issues.

“The raw materials, the tools, the dyes are not available, the grease and seals are not available, or we started to source this in-house but it was either not available or was too expensive to help. says Jenny Cothron of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance.

Companies also spoke about the staffing challenges they face.

Solutions discussed include getting students into stem classes from an early age, encouraging younger generations to consider career tech schools, and making them realize that it can be a career. .

“It’s about removing the stigma that manufacturing is a dirty, dirty job and showing that our communities and regions have careers,” said Amber Miller of Broken Arrow Chamber.

The Tulsa Chamber of Commerce says expanding its workforce is key to the success of local manufacturers.

“We also need to look for long-term solutions. There will also be an outflow of baby boomers leaving the market and being able to replace those workers,” said Brian Thorstenberg of the Tulsa Area Chamber of Commerce. say.

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U.S. Rep. Kevin Hern, Oklahoma leaders discuss manufacturing issues Source link U.S. Rep. Kevin Hern, Oklahoma leaders discuss manufacturing issues

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