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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-06-04 11:12:11 –

Washington — The new US government report does not provide a definitive explanation for the aerial phenomena discovered by military pilots, but finds no direct evidence that they are associated with aliens.

A report, due out later this month, examines recent unexplained sightings in a pilot’s video of a pilot yelling at an object flying in front of him.

The two, who were briefed on the report, said they found no evidence of a connection to extraterrestrial life and did not rule out the possibility that the pilot saw a new technology developed by another country. It was.

The report will be submitted to Congress at the end of this month. When former President Donald Trump signed the final stimulus package in December, it included the provisions of a publicly available report on UFOs that would be published within six months.

In april Grainy video A release from the US Navy showing a pyramid-shaped object discovered by one of the pilots.

In a statement To CNNThe Pentagon said that this video clip and other images are part of an “ongoing investigation” of an unidentified aerial phenomenon of UFOs (also known as UAPs). At the time, they said they “want to get rid of the misunderstanding” as to whether the unclassified footage was genuine or complete.

last year, Created Pentagon A task force to study the evidence collected and improve the understanding of the institution’s UAP. This group is led by the Ministry of the Navy.

“The task force’s mission is to detect, analyze, and classify UAPs that can pose a potential threat to US national security.” At that time, stated in a statement..

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