U.S. sanctions five Iranian entities and watchlist IRGC cyber actors for interfering with our elections

The United States does not tolerate foreign interference in our elections. The entire US government is targeting people who try to interfere with our democratic process, using all the tools we have at our disposal. Yesterday’s actions sanction five Iranian entities in accordance with Executive Order 13848 for their efforts to disinformation and undermine our elections. We have also added several cyber actors to the terrorist watch list and database for known associations with US-designated foreign terrorist organizations and the Specially Designated Global Terrorist Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). This can effectively prevent these individuals and their families. From a trip to the United States.

For too long, the Iranian government has used the state’s propaganda planes to lie to the Iranian people and incite a flame of hatred towards the United States. Iran is currently deploying some of the same propaganda and media infrastructure to undermine US elections. Five designated organizations – IRGC, IRGC-Qods Force (IRGC-QF), Bayan Rasaneh Gostar Institute, Iranian Islamic Radio and Television Union (IRTVU), and International Union of Virtual Media (IUVM), either directly or indirectly. Is involved in. , Sponsored, concealed, or otherwise complicated foreign interference in the 2020 US presidential election, or is owned or controlled by an organization engaged in such activities.

The Iranian administration has shown its intention to undermine US elections through covert media activities, including disinformation efforts targeting US voters. Over the past few months, Bayan Gostar, a front company in IRGC-QF propaganda activities, has been actively planning influential operations, including US elections. IRTVU and IUVM appear to be the Iranian administration’s promotional departments that supported these efforts.

Individuals added to the terrorist watch list are known members of the IRGC’s Cyber ​​Operations Unit. Those who have the necessary technical and educational skills to carry out malicious cyber acts should be careful. We are responsible for those who participate in the IRGC and carry out malicious cyber activities. Talented Iranians need to use their skills to promote family peace and prosperity, rather than helping the Islamic Republic crack down domestically and spread terrorism abroad. ..

For more information on yesterday’s designation, see the Treasury press release.

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