U.S. threatens to end cooperation with Mexico in criminal case

The United States threatened to stop sharing information about criminal investigations with Mexico after releasing hundreds of pages of evidence collected by US prosecutors to the former defense minister. It is a case that President Andre Manuel Lopez Obrador dismissed as being forged.

The move, which stirs bilateral tensions less than a week after Joe Biden’s inauguration, was sent by the Mexican Foreign Ministry on Friday to Mexico for a U.S. prosecutor’s own investigation. It happened after publishing 751 pages of evidence, including a copy of the message. To General Salvador Cienfuegos.

The Attorney General of Mexico’s office said it had reviewed the evidence, found it unfounded and dismissed the case.

Lopez Obrador was subsequently arrested in Los Angeles in October, but trafficked and money laundered against a retired four-star general who returned a month after being released after intense diplomatic lobbying by Mexico. Condemned Washington for his crimes.

A spokesperson for the Justice Department said the United States “fully supports the investigation and accusation on this issue,” and “deeply disappointed with Mexico’s decision to secretly disclose information shared with Mexico.” Stated.

“Publishing such information violates the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty between Mexico and the United States and questioned whether the United States could continue to share information to support Mexico’s own criminal investigation. “There is,” a spokesperson added.

A spokeswoman said the United States reserves the right to “restart prosecution of Cienfuegos if the Mexican government does not.”

The arrest of General Cienfuegos was very embarrassing for Mexico and caused anger among the top brass of the army. Many were appointed by the former minister.

Lopez Obrador makes the military a major ally and relies on the military to help build his flagship airport and other infrastructure projects, strengthen new police positions, and distribute the Covid-19 vaccine.

Mexico was not informed in advance of General Cienfuegos’ arrest, and Mr Lopez Obrador accused the United States of violating an international agreement for not sharing information about the case.

“This is a very widespread and delicate issue, but we can’t afford to question the Government of the Republic or its agencies, so we decided to publish the entire file,” said Lopez Obrador. I will. Said on friday.

“We apologize to the US Government for acting this way … They can say how much they dare to publish this document,” he added.

But he said that “national prestige” was at stake, “we cannot be held hostage to anyone and have sufficient moral and political power to make these decisions. We will publish the entire file, “he said.

He said the document “revealed that the evidence believed to have been collected over the years was not solid,” and that the US Drug Enforcement Administration “acted with little expertise.”

After General Cienfuegos returned, Mexico rushed through a new law requiring foreign agents, such as DEA officers, to share information about the investigation. This is a move that could impede essential bilateral security and anti-drug cooperation.

He then relaxed some of the scope of the law, but one former Army official said the new rules were still “unrealistic.”

U.S. threatens to end cooperation with Mexico in criminal case

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