U.S. visitors to Hawaii in April top 2019 levels for 12th consecutive month – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2022-05-26 15:25:00 –

US travelers have visited Hawaii in far more numbers than before the pandemic, making April the most recovered tourist month since the launch of COVID-19.

Approximately 818,268 visitors visited Hawaii in April, according to preliminary visitor data released today by the state’s Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism. This is equivalent to a 96.3% recovery from April 2019.

Visitors spent $ 1.6 billion on the island in April. This is a 21% increase over the $ 1.32 billion reported in April 2019.

DBEDT reported that there were 236,835 visitors on any day of April. This was actually 1.4% more visitors per day than in April 2019 in the average daily census.

The increase in major seats from airlines that still prefer leisure destinations at this stage of the pandemic has led and recovered US visitors to Hawaii. Compared to flight 5,031 with 1,112,200 seats in April 2019, there were 5,171 transpacific flights in April, with 1,085,948 seats in service in Hawaii. April 2019. The number of seats in the eastern United States increased from 91,741 seats in April 2019 to 109,632 seats in April.

DBEDT director Mike McCartney said the April tourist growth was driven by US visitors who exceeded 2019 levels in the last 12 months.

In April 2022, the number of visitors flying from the western United States was 514,878, an increase of 32.5% from 388,573 in April 2019. Visitors to the western United States spent $ 94.9 million in April, up 72% from $ 547 million in April 2019.

Average daily spending by visitors to the western United States in April was $ 223 per person per day. This was 30.4% higher than April 2019, which spent an average of $ 171 per person per day on a single visit.

About 188,868 visitors visited Hawaii from the eastern United States in April. This is 18.7% more than the 159,115 visitors who visited in April 2019. Visitors to the eastern United States spent $ 422.9 million in April, an increase of 47.5% from $ 286.8 million in April 2019. Visitors in April reached $ 242 per person, up 20.9% from $ 200 per person in April 2019.

“Daily spending by US visitors increased by 24.5%, which supported tax revenues in our communities, businesses and states,” McCartney said in a statement.

Results varied from island to island. Oahu, which is most dependent on international arrivals, was the only island with an average daily census of arrivals and visitors in April lower than in April 2019.

HTA President and CEO John De Fries showed that US travel demand to Hawaii in April helped offset continued softening from the international market.

“April US travelers do not have access to several international destinations around the world, and Hawaii continues to be for many travelers from the western and eastern US markets,” De Fries said in a statement. It was a favorite destination. “

Approximately 43,107 visitors arrived from Canada in April, 24% less than the 56,749 visitors visited in April 2019. Visitors from Canada spent $ 88.8 million in April 2022, down 11.3% from the $ 102 million spent in April 2019. However, daily spending by Canadian visitors in April 2022 increased 18.1% from $ 154 in April 2019 to $ 182 per person.

In April, there were 56,010 visitors from the international category “All Other International Markets” except Japan and Canada. This was a 44.4% decrease from 100,686 visitors from the “All Other International Markets” in April 2019.

Only 6,749 visitors from Japan, Hawaii’s top international market, came to Hawaii in April. That’s more than 94% less than the 119,487 visitors visited in April 2019. Visitors from Japan spent only $ 15.3 million in April, compared to $ 164 million in April 2019.

As Hawaii enters the summer months, De Fries said tourism officials “hope for a stronger recovery in our international markets, especially Japan.”

According to McCartney, the state is hoping and planning for Japanese visitors to return in the coming months.

“With the increase of tour groups from Japan, we will continue our pivoting to educate all visitors about Hawaiian culture, manage state resources and keep them healthy. You can, “he said.

As tourism recovers, De Fries said the HTA will work directly with communities across Hawaii to implement a destination management action plan.

The HTA has overseen the development of DMAP in all counties to implement the steps that the community, visitor industry, and other sectors deem necessary to improve tourism in the coming years.

Oahu DMAP was created in collaboration with the city of Honolulu and the counties and communities. Oahu DMAP is available on the HTA website bit.ly/3DD1EiW.

De Fries said the HTA is also working with industry partners to deliver an educational message before and after visitors arrive.

“As the recovery of tourism continues to stimulate our local economy, HTAs are guided by Maramaku Home’s comprehensive principle of caring for our beloved home,” he says. I did. “Remember that Malama’s cultural value means a call for community-wide action to improve the quality of life in Hawaii for our Kamina way of life and for future generations.”

U.S. visitors to Hawaii in April top 2019 levels for 12th consecutive month Source link U.S. visitors to Hawaii in April top 2019 levels for 12th consecutive month

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