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Honolulu, Hawaii 2022-05-27 12:30:00 –

Wellington, New Zealand >> The United States on Friday seems to have won the latest round of court battle to seize a $ 325 million Russian-owned superyacht in Fiji and is now heading to the Supreme Court of the Pacific nation. Looks like.

The case highlighted the nasty legal grounds the United States faces as it seeks to seize the assets of emerging Russian conglomerates around the world. While these intentions are welcomed by many governments and citizens who oppose the war in Ukraine, some actions have cast doubt on how far US jurisdiction will expand.

Fiji’s Court of Appeals on Friday dismissed the appeal by Feizal Haniff on behalf of the company that legally owns the superyacht Amadea. Hanif argued that the United States had no jurisdiction to seize ships under Fiji’s Mutual Aid Act, at least until the court sorted out who actually owned Amadea.

Mr Hanif said he is currently in the Supreme Court of Fiji and will apply for a court order to stop US agents from sailing Amadea from Fiji before the appeal is heard.

As part of the decision, the Court of Appeals ordered that the decision not be valid for seven days, perhaps to give time for the appeal to be filed.

The U.S. has found that a luxury yacht with the flag of the Cayman Islands is actually owned by the licensed Russian oligarch Suleyman Kerimov, an economist and former Russian politician. Insist.

Kerimov has invested a lot of money in Russian gold producer Polyus, and Forbes magazine has made his net worth $ 16 billion. After he was detained in France and charged with money laundering there, the United States first sanctioned him in 2018, sometimes arriving with a suitcase packed with € 20 million.

The FBI linked Amadea with the Kerimov family through the use of codenames on board and the purchase of items such as pizza ovens and spa beds. The ship was the target of the task force Klepto Capture, launched in March to seize Russian oligarch assets to pressure Russia to end the war.

The 106-meter (348-foot) ship, about the size of a soccer field, features a live lobster tank, a hand-painted piano, a swimming pool, and a large helipad.

Hanif, who represents the paper owner Millemarin Investments, claims that the owner is Eduardo Kudinatov, another wealthy Russian who is not facing sanctions. He is the former chairman and chief executive officer of Rosneft, a state-owned Russian oil and gas company.

The U.S. appears to indicate that Kudinatov is the owner by documenting, but he is also the owner of the paper for Sheherazad, the second larger superyacht associated with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It has said. The United States is wondering if Kudinatov can really afford two superyachts worth more than $ 1 billion in total.

“The fact that Kudinatov has been offered as the owner of the two largest superyachts on record and both are associated with licensed individuals is that Kudinatov is clean and licensed to hide the true beneficiaries. It suggests that it is being used as a non-straw owner, “he wrote in an affidavit of the FBI court.

The United States claims that Kerimov secretly purchased Amadea through a shell company last year. According to the FBI, a Fijian investigation warrant said Kerimov’s children were on board this year and submitted an email stating that the crew was using the codename.

According to the FBI, the crew has discussed the possibilities of a “future G0 guest trip” and said they want the fastest jet ski available, so they need to buy a new jet ski.

Hanif has filed an appeal, claiming that the US proceedings are based on hearsay and rumors spread by unnamed crew members, and there is no evidence that Kudinatov could not afford to invest in two superyachts.

The yacht is anchored at the port of Lautoka in the heart of Fiji’s sugar cane region.

U.S. wins latest legal battle to seize Russian superyacht in Fiji Source link U.S. wins latest legal battle to seize Russian superyacht in Fiji

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