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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) —Meet Sisu. She is an 11 year old Labrador retriever who has a very important job.

“We’re basically studying dog thinking. We try to get it in the dog’s mind,” said Evan McLean, an assistant professor at the University of Arizona and director of the Arizona Dog Cognitive Center. The doctor says.

Sisu will work with her owner, Maclean. Together, they made great discoveries about the similarities and differences between dogs and humans and other species.

“One of the next steps to take is to study the cognitive aging of dogs. It turns out that dogs have a form of dementia that is very similar to what is seen in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Has an accumulation of plaque that impairs thinking. It impairs memory. “

Understanding the bond between dogs and humans Arizona Dog Cognitive Center jobs.

“Dog plays a very important role in the social life of so many people. We know that social relationships have a wide range of health benefits,” McLean said. rice field.

McLean said loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking a pack of cigarettes every day.

“In general it’s really important to have strong social connections, and for many people, those strong social connections probably come from their interaction with dogs,” McLean said.

McLean was recently featured in an episode of connecting with actor Jeff Goldblum. “The World by Jeff Goldblum” At Disney +.

“I went to California Dog companion The Therapy Dog is where we work together and hang out with Jeff for about three hours. We did a lot of filming, playing with puppies and talking about the science behind the bond between humans and animals, “McLean said.

The Arizona Dog Cognitive Center is looking for local children and their dogs to participate in new studies. You can know in detail, click here..

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